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It is called Imitator.If my answer is wrong,search for a gray tall wall nut with thin spikes.

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Q: What is the copy of plants in plant vs zombies?
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What are the rules of plants vs zombies?

what is the password of plant vs zombie

What does the plant imators do in Plants vs Zombies?

The imitator copies another plant you have so you can get them twice as fast but it only works on normal plants so you can't copy crazy dave's plants.

Serial number for Plants vs Zombies?

A person will be provided with the serial number for Plants vs. Zombies when they purchase a copy of the game. This activates the game for play.

How do you slow down zombies on Plants vs Zombies?

Use the frozen pea plant

How do you get plants vs zombies?

to get plants vs zombies you tipe dowen plants vs zombies donlodes and donloded it.

Where can you play Plants vs Zombies hacked?

unlock code for plant vs zombie

How do you play Plants vs Zombies online?

You plant plants to stop hungry zombies ( tip : sunflowers are extremely important !)

How can you make plants in Plants vs Zombies?

tap on the plant then tap on the spot that you want it in

What is better Plants vs Zombies or bejeweled?

every body says plant vs zombies so thats what i am going to stick to

Is there plants vs zombies for ds?

Yes. There is a plant VS zombies for the DS. There is also a DSi Ware version on the DSi Shop

Is there eneny movie called plant vs zombis?

No, Plants vs. Zombies is a video game.

If Plants VS Zombies VS Zumas revenge who would win?

plants vs zombies

How do you get 9999 sun on plants vs zombies?

9999 plants vs zombies

How many plants are in plants vs zombies?

there is 49 plants in plants vs zombies

How do you download Plants vs Zombies for free?

you can download plants vs zombies at gamehouse

How do you get infinite sun in Plants vs Zombies?

you max many in plants vs zombies

When did Plants vs. Zombies happen?

Plants vs. Zombies happened in 2009.

How do you earn the garlic plant on Plants vs Zombies?

You get the garlic plant after completing level 5-5.

What is the rarest plant in zen garden in Plants vs Zombies?

Gravebuster is the rarest plant for your zen garden

Who made Plants vs Zombies?

Plants VS Zombies was created by a company named Popcap.

How many stages are there in Plants VS Zombies?

There are 5-10 stages in Plants vs. zombies

How do you get unlimited sun in Plants vs Zombies for ps3?

plants vs zombies ps3 oao

What is better Lego star wars or Plants vs Zombies?

plants vs zombies definetly

What is unlock code for Plants vs Zombies?

If you have Windows 7 you have Plants vs. Zombies for Free

Does plants vs zombies give viruses?

No! It shouldn't be. Plants Vs. Zombies should be clean, playable and safe. If you have a minor lag after playing it, then it must have a Malware. Be sure that the copy of Plants vs. Zombies you have is 100% original. Some crackers just cracked the game using bots and other files. This can leave an imprint to one of the game files. Sometimes, the virus will hangout in the "bass.dll" file in the main directory of Plants Vs. Zombies. You must download and install a clean copy of the game to resolve this.