Plants vs. Zombies

Plants Vs. Zombies is a strategy game originally published by Pop Cap Games in 2009.

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Plants vs. Zombies

Why does Plants vs Zombies does not work on your computer?

Well the easiest way is,to create a account at and then you can play it on Arcade Games.

I hope this Helped!!

Plants vs. Zombies

Where do you find the yeti in Plants vs Zombies?

finish adventure mode at least once. Then, play adventure again and u will find the zombie yeti in 4-10. He runs when there is lightning, so u cant c him. But u will no when u kill him cos hem will drop 3- 5 diamonds.

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I will improve this answer. First, you must have the Silver Sunflower Trophy from beating adventure mode once. Once you get to level 4-10, (the one with lightning) the Yeti Zombie will appear. You can't see him will, but you may catch a glimpse of him. His speed is normal, and his health is that of a Cone Head Zombie. He always appears once every time you get to that level, (after beating it once) and he will drop 3-5 diamonds when killed.

Plants vs. Zombies

How do you restore a Plants vs Zombies account?

If you are talking about making a new account, you can go to the sign that says 'Tap here to change save block' under 'Welcome So and So' on the front page.

Plants vs. Zombies

When will Plants vs Zombies 2 be out?

for what? they all are out! but ds one is not they have the ipad one! you can get at the app store (i do not work at app store you idiots i know because on youtube)

Plants vs. Zombies

Does downloading Plants vs Zombies cost money?

Yes when you make it past the free trail and no there is a free version somewhere i think just google it and its completly free

Plants vs. Zombies

What is the licence name and code of Plants vs Zombies?

everybody who answered it wrong it is okay so the answer is nicepeople34

Plants vs. Zombies

What year was Plants vs Zombies made?

It was established in 2010

Plants vs. Zombies

What is the rarest plant in zen garden in Plants vs Zombies?

Gravebuster is the rarest plant for your zen garden

Plants vs. Zombies

How do you beat the yeti zombie on Plants vs Zombies?

Three chili peppers and two squash.

Plants vs. Zombies

How do you reset your Plants vs Zombies data?

well press welcome back sign and press delete and press create user

Plants vs. Zombies

How do you beat snorkel zombie in Plants vs Zombies?

Yes, they are hard to beat. But to do this, put a couple lily pads down after your defense (peashooters, snow peas, etc), and put wallnuts on them. The snorkling zombies will come up to eat the wallnuts, therefore giving your plants a chance to kill the zombie, and BAM! done.

Plants vs. Zombies

How do you make your own zombie in Plants vs Zombies on the DS?

There is no known way as far as i know, i beat all the mini games, and adventure mode and i didn't get zombatar, zen garden, or that tree thing.

Plants vs. Zombies
How To

How to download plants vs zombie free and full version?

you get to a website and you click download and it will say it will cost its on addicting games if you can get it its a good game i completed it

Plants vs. Zombies

How do find the hidden zombie on Plants vs Zombies?

complete story mode once then you can find him at level 4-9

Plants vs. Zombies

What do you have to do to get the Undead Space Achievement on Plants vs Zombies?

play to the level ;) its fun

Plants vs. Zombies

Can you get zen garden on Plants vs Zombies from the 3ds shop?

No you can't do that but you can get it from the game not from Gamestop or the 3ds shop or wherever you got to to get your games all you gotta do is beat the game. dumb huh?

Plants vs. Zombies

How do you get infinity sun on Plants vs Zombies?

I don't know but the most sun u can get is 9,999 sun.

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Word and Phrase Origins
Plants vs. Zombies

Where do zombies originate from?

One of the features of movies in the zombie genre is that they are not very clear as to the cause of the zombie infestation. I believe the reason is that to offer a cause would be a step toward attributing a meaning to the disaster. This ambiguity as to cause, protects the immanent nature of the world of the zombie film.

This motif was established in Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, and it is true of almost all the stories of the undead that follow. Various theories as to why corpses have re-animated are sometimes suggested: human error,the space program, extra-terrestrial forces, etc. But the cause is almost never certain.

My thesis is that zombies are about meaninglessness. To offer some rational cause for the walking dead would give meaning to the calamity. The search for the cause would end up being a search for the meaning of the zombie within the context of the film, and this is precisely what the zombie film will not do—the lack of meaning is at the heart of zombie narratives.

Without a clear cause, zombie stories areabout fighting for survival.

This is why you will never know the cause of the zombie horde. If there was a cause, the story would be about asearch for meaning.

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Plants vs. Zombies

Download Plants vs Zombies free full version?

You can get it all over the place. Popcap has it for sale of course, but you can also get it from sites like Chewy Central that have it for cheap ($6.99) (see related links for a direct link to the game).

You can also play the online flash version on the PopCap site. Its not as full features as the downloaded version, but still pretty darn cool (again see related links area below for direct link to game).

With promotion code, only pay $3.49

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Plants vs. Zombies

How do you unlock zombatar in Plants vs Zombies?

i need help to get zombatar

Plants vs. Zombies

Is the Dsi Ware Plants vs Zombies the full game?

If you buy the actual dsi game then yes but if you buy it from the shop on the dsi then no.

Plants vs. Zombies

What is the Plants vs Zombies money cheat?

There's no cheat code for money on plants vs zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies

How do you download Plants vs Zombies adventure map in minecraft?

Minecraft Map, search dat, and when you downloaded, go to file to check if there is, downloads(winRar or winZip). And then, drag your files to .minecraft and search save, and wen u check minecraft, it shold be there.

Plants vs. Zombies

How do you wake mushrooms in zen garden in Plants vs Zombies?

You have to buy the night garden off crazy dave.Then you have to have the wheelbarrow so you can transport them in there.

Plants vs. Zombies

Is there a tree of wisdom on Plants vs Zombies for the ipod touch?

No. Simple as that


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