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its called an embilical cord and it is what keeps the baby alive by transfering food, liquid, blood and oxygen.

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How long is a baby orca in its moms tummy?

A baby Orca is in it's mothers tummy for 8 Months before birth.

What happens to the mothers umbilical cord after its cut?

The umbilical cord comes out of the mother with the placenta.

How is a baby fed in its mother's tummy?

The umbilical cord send food to the baby

How long does a sheep stay in it's mothers tummy?

140-159 days

Is umbilical cord gases the mothers or babies?


How do bald eagles raise there young?

thier young drinks milk from its mothers tummy.

How do babies get food while mothers womb?

From the embilical cord

What is the food for babies when they are inside the mother's stomach?

Although the baby is in the mothers tummy, it is not in the stomach, it is in a special place that ladies have beside their stomach called a 'womb'. In the womb the growing baby is attached to the mother by what is called an umbilical cord and placenta. These allow the baby and mother to share the food in her blood and this is how the growing baby gets its food (and oxygen from the air). If you look at your tummy you will have a little button in it called the navel. This is where your umbilical cord was attached to you when you were a growing baby.

My cat has a lump on his tummy?

take your cat to the vet and if is located where the umbilical cord was it might be a hernia

How long does it take to figure out whether a newborn puppy is a boy or a girl?

Just look! On the tummy......1 has only an umbilical cord and the other has the umbilical cord and a penis.

What does a baby need inside its mothers tummy?

food, it also needs amniotic fluid to protect it. xx

How long does a liger stay in its mothers tummy?

The same amount of time as a tiger cub before birth.

What is the tube that gives the baby oxygen and food in the mothers womb?

the umbilical cord

How does a new baby feed in her mothers stomach?

Via the umblical cord that is connected to the mothers placenta. Dissolved nutrients from foods the mother eat flow to the baby system from the mothers placenta via the umblical cord. This is the reason why poor feeding by pregnant women affect the unborn child.

How long does it take for the umbilical cord to come out from mothers placenta?

It only took 5-10 minutes until my umbilical cord came out.

How will a baby gorilla inside a gorilla tummy get its food?

If gorillas have the same sort of anatomy as humans, I imagine they get fed through the umbilical cord in the mothers stomach, this would happen when the mother gorilla feeds. This is only if gorillas have the same sort of anatomy as humans go. Hope this helped!

How does the fetus obtain food and oxygen?

the mothers blood supply enters the fetus via the umbilical cord and allows to diffuse from the the mothers blood into the fetus.

What does the umbillicle cord do?

The umbilical cord connects the baby to the placenta which attached to the mothers utuers. It provides oxygen, blood and nutrients to the developing baby via the mother.

CAN Stem cells can be harvested from any tissue in the human body?

yes, mothers unbilical cord

What substance in the mothers blood indicates possible abnormalities in the fetal brain and spinal cord?


What does classical music do to your brain?

classical music makes u smarter, it was known to make baby smarter when still in there mothers tummy.

Why is the placenta important for developing a fetus?

It acts like a cushion so it stops the baby from hurting its self inside the mothers tummy

What websites provide relevant information on cord blood banking for expectant mothers? is helpful for prepairing.

How long do baby Bengal tigers live in there mothers tummy?

First of all, babies stay in the mothers uterus (if they were in the stomach, they would be dissolved). The gestation period (time of pregnancy) of a tiger is 104-106 days.

How does the alcohol get into the baby?

In easy terms :When the mother drinks the alcohol it is absorbed in the mothers stomach and then enters the mothers blood stream,the baby and the mother share the same blood via the umbilical cord,this is how the baby gets nutrients and oxygen,so whatever enters the mothers blood stream will enter the babys blood stream through this umbilical cord..