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Needing more info for a complete answerChevy didnt build a Tahoe in 1986. If you are refering to the full size Blazer K5 or K10, the carb would likely be a Rochester Quadrajet with computer feedback/emissions solenoids.

it really doesn't matter what vehicle the carb is on the correct air fuel mixture is 14:1. 14parts air to 1part fuel. also Chevy built a s-10 with a Tahoe package in 86

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What is the towing capacity of a 1997 Chevy Tahoe 4 door 4 wheel drive with 3.73 gear ratio?

The towing capacity of a 1997 Chevy Tahoe 4 door 4 wheel drive truck with a 3.73 gear ratio is 7,000 pounds.

Can a carburetor change a car gear ratio?

no, the carburetor has nothing to do with your gear ratio.

How do you find out what gear ratio you have in your 2000 Chevy Tahoe?

Write the VIN# down and call a Chevy dealer and ask for parts. Then ask the parts man that you would like to know the gear ratio on your year truck and that you have the VIN#. Then he will tell you what it is.

WhAT is gear ratio in rear end of 95 Chevy Tahoe 4x4?

95 chevy tahoe (K5 Blazer) comes stock with Gu6 "3.42 gear ratio" limited slip. It was also sold with an option for a Gu4/ G80 "3.73 gear ratio" posi-trac. In the glove box of the vehicle glued to the bottom interior surface is a list of mfg inc options for the vehicle. including the RPO codes for the drive train.

454 international harvester wont run unless the choke is on full help?

Sounds like you have a plugged jet in the carburetor. You probably need to remove the carburetor and clean all the jets. This should restore you to the correct air/fuel ratio. If that doesn't work, the carburetor needs to be adjusted by the needles.

What does carburetor do?

Mixes fuel and air at the desired ratio for burning.

Where is the carburetor on a 1991 Dodge dynasty engine located?

I believe that the carburetor type fuel/ air ratio delivery system was replaced by Fuel Injection, no carburetor to the best of my knowledge.

The air fuel ratio of the petrol engine is controlled by?

The air fuel ratio of the petrol engine is controlled by Carburetor

Air and fuel ratio of carburetor?

14.7 to 1 is the sweet spot.

What gear ratio does a 1999 Tahoe Z71 lt have?


What are the functions of the carburetor?

to supply the engine a mix of air and fuel at 14.7 to 1 ratio.

Can a 1997 Chevy suburban rear end gears fit a 1999 Chevy Tahoe 4 wheel dr rear end?

If it's the same gear ratio yes they should fit only if its the same lug count must be a six lug ,Tahoe will not have an 8 lug only suburban 2500 will have them must find out youre gear ratio you can do this by counting youre ring and pinion teeth but most 99 Tahoe should have 3.42 gears there is 14 teeth in the pinionn and 41 in the ring forexample divide 14 by 41 and you get 341.463 round it off to 342 i believe six lug suburbans had 3.73 and if youre Tahoe is 4wd you have to go with whatever is in the rear.

What does the codes GU6 and G80 mean in a Chevy Tahoe?

The codes GU6 and G80 are for the gear ratio on your vehicle the G80 code indicates your vehicle was eqipped from the factory with a locking rear differential and the GU6 code indicates your gear ratio.

What is the air to fuel carburetor ratio in a 1969 Ford F100?

14.7 to 1 is the sweet spot.

What is the gear ratio for a 1999 Chevy Tahoe 4 wheel drive half ton?

the 3.42:1 ratio was standard for that year if you look in the glovebox there is a white sticker with a list of codes you are looking for in the G section GU6 for 342 or GT4 for 3.73:1.. Also G80 is the code for locking differential.

What gear ratio did a 2004 Chevy silverado 2500 hd 4x4?

All you need to do is call a Chevy dealer and give them the VIN# and asked them what the gear ratio is in your truck and they will tell you what the factory gear ratio is.

What is the towing capacity of a 2004 2500ld Chevy?

8,300 with the 3.73 ratio 10,300 with the 4.10 ratio

How do you spell ratio?

That is the correct spelling of the word "ratio" (a comparative amount or number).

Can someone explain the formula for determining aspect ratio for PC monitors In other words how do you know if your aspect ratio is 4X3 or 16X9?

the correct aspect ratio for 4x3 = 1.333 the correct aspect ratio for 16x9 = 1.777

What is the correct Fuel Oil mixture ratio for a DT 175?

there is no ratio they are oil injected there is no ratio they are oil injected

What is the gear ratio for a 98 Chevy Tahoe ls?

Check in the glovebox on the white sticker. Gu6 is the code for 3.42:1 which was standard GT4 is the code for 3.73:1 which was an option.. Also the code G80 would tell you if you have a locking rear differential.

How do you tell what the rear differential ratio is on a Chevy Cheyenne?


What is the compresion ratio on a 1990 Chevy 454?

7.9 to 1

What is the compression ratio of a 1968 Chevy 350?


What is the gear ratio of Chevy gu6 rear end?


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