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You can use, for example, Yuasa YTZ14S or BikeMaster BTX14BS.


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Under the seat. Remove the the bolts holding the seats and you get to the battery.

Size of Battery forHonda odyssey 1999is 24F

Anyplace that sells batteries can tell you the correct size you need.

There is a placard on the bike listing the correct pressure. Normally it is on the rear swing arms.

yes, if you attach them with lock nuts from a 1999 zulu.

On the 1999 Honda 100 Ace the Plug Gap is suppose to be .36 thousands

Right underneath your driver's seat

Look under the seat. You will have to remove the back and front seats first. 8mm on the back and 12mm on the front. Remove 3 screws on the cover and there it is.

disconnect battery and wait 10 sec reconnect battery

location of battery on a 1999 honda atv 4 wheeler

631 seems to be the correct size. :-)

28-30 psi front, 36-40 psi rear.

Its located between the front wheel and the back wheel of the bike !

The tanks for the 1995 to 1999 models of this bike are interchangeable.

there is usually a fuse box next to the battery under the bonnet

It takes a sidepost battery, but when you go to parts store....Autozone, NAPA etc. they will know the correct battery.

You can try the link below, they have several manual downloads.

There is no center stand on this bike, only a side stand.

Under the seat next to the battery. Remove plastic cover(2screws) and you will find fuses and battery.

The timing on a 1999 Honda Civic can be adjusted setting the distributor to the correct angle. Setting the distributor forward to much will mess with original settings of the ignition.

The recommended spark plug gap for a 1999 Honda CBR600F4 is .035", according to the manufacturer NGK. The correct plug is CR9EH-9. Or, for the iridium upgrade, it is CR9EHIX-9.

Listed in your owners manual and on the drivers door post.

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