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your dwell angle will be 29

timing ( initial ) will be 6 degrees below TDC

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Q: What is the correct ignition timing on a 1969 mach1 with a 351 4v engine?
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What engine did Ford Mustang II HAVE?

They had the 2.3 inline 4 cyl, the 2.8 V6 which was the biggest engine available for the 1974 Mustang Mach1 fastback, and the 5.0 V8 which was in the Mach1 fastback for 1975-78 and an option for the notchbacks and Cobra ll. It was a standard engine in the King Cobra fastback in 1978

How is mach1 in mph?

761.2 mph

Why no shock in subsonic?

A sonic boom is created by a shock wave when an object travels faster than the the speed of sound, or mach1. If the object does not achieve mach1 then there will be no sonic boom.

What is the value of Mach1?

mach 1 = 340.29 m / s

How many mph is mach1?

Mach 1 is about 761.2 mph

How many miles and hour is mach1?

about 720. or 1100ft/sec

Can a 03 mach1 engine fit in a 77 mustang?

not without heavy modifications as like taking out both inner wheelwells, hood and air conditioning blower boxes. you have to install a modified hood to fit over the engine

Which model is faster 2004 saleen cobra roush or mach1?


Where is the thermostat located on a 2003 ford mustang Mach1?

It is on the passenger side of the engine bay between the radiator and engine. it is housed in a assembly in the radiator hoses. find the lower radiator hose at the radiator and follow it to a housing that connects the radiator hoses. The thermostat is in side

What is mach1?

Mach 1 is the speed that sound travels. It is also a model designation of the Ford Mustang.

How fast is mach1?

Mach 1 is one times the speed of sound, which equals the speed of sound, which is 768mph.

What is the oil capacity of a 1974 Mustang v6?

The oil capacity for a V6 in a mustang notchback or mach1 is 5 quarts

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