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* round brackets, open brackets or parentheses: ( ) * square brackets, closed brackets or box brackets: [ ] * curly brackets, squiggly brackets, swirly brackets, braces, or chicken lips: { }

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Q: What is the correct name for square and squiggly brackets?
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Why is there a number in square brackets next to your name in WikiAnswers?

The number in square Brackets (e.g [1000]) signifies the number of trust points you have. For example, User [1000] has 1000 trust points

What is the name of the squiggly line above an 'n' in Spanish?

It is a tilde.

Does the squiggly line on the x or y axis of a graph have a name other than a break I know a break is what the it represents but does the actual squiggly line have a specific name?

its actually called "a break".

What indicates which workbook cells are included in a formula calculation?

The name of the workbook will be enclosed in square brackets, indicating it is another workbook.

What is the name of the squiggly line on computer keyboards to the left of the 1?

The tilde (~)

What are the other correct names for a square?

Quadrilateral, Parralellogram, and Rectangle. These are all correct names for squares. And yes, rectangle is a correct name for a square, just ask any math teacher.

Is the proper name for the square headed screwdriver robertson or something else?

The correct name is Robertson.

What is another name for parentheses?


What is the name of the squiggly lines inthe nucleus of an animal cell?

they're called chromosomes :)

What is another name for parentheses or brackets?

They tend to be known only as parentheses (singular - "parenthesis") or brackets.

What is the name for a square mile?

"Square mile" is the correct name. In the Dominion Land Survey of Canada each township is divided into thirty-six sections, each section is about one square mile.

What is the name of a rectangle whose diagonals meet at right angles?

A square if I'm correct

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