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What is the correct name for the Vietnam army during the Vietnam War?


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For North Vietnam or South Vietnam? The North Vietnamese were known simply as the 'North Vietnamese Army' (NVA) to US forces, but their actual title was Vietnam Peoples' Army, as it common practice in Communist states. The South Vietnamese Army was referred to as the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN).

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ARVN=Army Republic of South Vietnam. NVA=North Vietnamese Army.

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Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh was the president of north Vietnam during the Vietnam war his original name was Nguyen Tat

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SOUTH Vietnam was called the "REPUBLIC of South Vietnam." Everyone in those days just called North Vietnam...NORTH VIETNAM.

Ho Chi Minh was the leader of North Vietnam.

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The North Vietnamese Army was a regular army; just the like the US Army. The South Vietnamese communists living in South Vietnam were called the Viet Cong (VC); they were the guerrillas.

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The NVA (North Viet Army) were from the north and were not guerrillas, they were regular army. The southerners LIVING in South Vietnam that were communists were called the Viet Cong (VC).

ANSWER Ho Chi Minh was the president of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War his original name was Nguyen Tat. Diem was the president of South Vietnam. Diem was assassinated Nguyen Van Thien was the president of South Vietnam after him.

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