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What is the correct procedure to replace the intake manafold and heads on a ZZ4 Chevy 350?

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March 16, 2006 6:05PM

Same as a standard small block , just do every thing carefully

and use good intake manifold gaskets or you,ll get a vacuum leak.

Just follow a manual carefully, it's not hard to do ,make sure

everythings clean and done correctly. Invest in A Chilton, or

haynes manual which you can pic-up at any parts store) auto zone,

O'rilleys, ect) Then it will be a snap. Basicly you will take off

your carb & Distributor when changing your Intake mannifold.

The heads well I havent done those yet but I dont think much eles

has to be removed now you may want to take some other parts off but

that would be just to make life easier. For example I had to jack

my engine up when replacing the oil pan and I removed the fuel pump

to make it easier on myself. Granted I had to replace the fuel pump

gaskets but it was worth it to me.

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