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Same as a standard small block , just do every thing carefully and use good intake manifold gaskets or you,ll get a vacuum leak. Just follow a manual carefully, it's not hard to do ,make sure everythings clean and done correctly. Invest in A Chilton, or haynes manual which you can pic-up at any parts store) auto zone, O'rilleys, ect) Then it will be a snap. Basicly you will take off your carb & Distributor when changing your Intake mannifold. The heads well I havent done those yet but I dont think much eles has to be removed now you may want to take some other parts off but that would be just to make life easier. For example I had to jack my engine up when replacing the oil pan and I removed the fuel pump to make it easier on myself. Granted I had to replace the fuel pump gaskets but it was worth it to me.

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Q: What is the correct procedure to replace the intake manafold and heads on a ZZ4 Chevy 350?
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How to replace intake manafold on V6 3800 engine?

Ineed the torque sequence and tightening specs for a 92 GM 3800 intake.

Where is the starter on a 1999 Sephia?

it is under the intake manafold on the right side

Where is the starter on a 1995 sc 400 Lexus?

Its under the intake manafold.

Where is the intake air sensor on a 5E FE Toyota engine?

It's a black box behind the "EFI" on the intake manafold.

How do you fix a intake manafold control fault for 98 escort?

The spi Split Port Induction intake manifold will have to be replaced.

Where is the starter on a 1986 buick sky-hawk located?

It is under the intake manafold

Which valves are the intake and exhaust on a 20r engine?

the intake are next to the carb and the exhaust are next to the exhaust manafold intake are .008 exhaust are .012 with the engine warm good luck

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser?

On a 4.5 petrol it is mounted under the air intake manafold

How do you change the spark plugs on a 2001 galant six cylinder?

you need to remove the intake manafold, and throtle body. not to bad

Where is the external temp sensor on a 1999 Buick Park Avenue?

top, driver side, of lower part of the intake manafold. directly below throttle cables and air intake tube.

Where are the vacuum lines on a 1987 Ford Ranger with a 23L with fuel injection located at?

they stems from the intake manafold then run in several places

Will a 2000 1450 harleydavidson softail carburetor fit a1998 softail?

Yes - as long as it is using the same size intake manafold.

Irratic idle when cold?

could be your intake manafold gasket is leaking .if the truck run ok after it warm up then it's a good chance it the intake gasket ,otherwise you may need a tune up

How do you replace the starter in a 1991 Geo Tracker?

disconnect negative(-) battery cable, disconect the two wires at the back of the starter. unbolt starter and remover, then to install do same ateps in reverse. o and the atarter is under the intake manafold were the motor and trany meet.

Your Chevy 5.7 vortec 1997 is leaking coolantat the rear of the engine where is that coming from?

Heater return pipe or hose, leaking intake manafold gasket.

Where is valve idle air control located on Nissan quest 2004?

It is on top of the intake manafold, just under the passenger side windshield wiper.

What is the procedure for changing the starter on a 2000 cadillac deville?

Unfortunately the starter ois located in the valley between the cylinder banks you have to remove the intake to replace it.(very labor intensive procedure) intake gaskets are about$90 and the starter from Autozone is about $250. you better know what you are doing befor you tear into this engine....

If the gasket on the intake needs to be replaced do you have to replace the intake also?

You need to CLEAN the intake up real good where the gaskets fit against it. Then make SURE that the intake is NOT PITTED, If intake is real smooth then there is no reason to replace it. Just replace the gaskets.

What is the cost to replace the intake manifold?

what is the cost to replace a 2001 v-8 manifold intake

What do you do if the manafold intake gasket has been changed water pump and thermostat has been changed and the temperature is running between 200 abd 215?

Get a Bigger Radiator

How do you put thermostat-FordF150 6cylengine?

remove the water spout on the intake manafold, the old thermostat should fall right out, then scrape off the old gasket, put a new on on, then drop the new thermostat in to the hole on the manifold,then replace the spout and put the bolts back in

Where is the egr valve on a 1988 Nissan Stanza?

Looking at engine from the front of the car. It is close to the firewall, in the center. Below the intake manafold. It is hidden from sight, had to feel around for it.

Your 1992 325i idle RPM goes up and down and at times there is loss of acceleration?

im aving same proplem just found out that this is a part called{ intake air temperature sensors on the block at front under intake manafold

How do you replace the lifters and pushrods on a Chevy vortec 350?

Take off valve covers, heads an intake manifold with throttle body, pull out lifters and pushrods and simply replace It's not necessary to remove the heads for this procedure.

How do you replace the head gasket on BMW 533i?

Remove the intake and exhaust manifold and then the head. Replace the gasket, have the head inspected for cracks or if is warped and reverse the procedure. This is a major repair that should only be done by someone who is a professional.