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What is the correct spark plug for 1993 z28?


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2008-06-11 18:13:28
2008-06-11 18:13:28

any brand plug is fine. depends on what you want to spend on your spark plugs.

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.050 95 Z28 only came with 5.7 LT1 motor.

Use any platinum plug brands really don't matter

I just opened the Chiltons 1993-98 Repair Manual and it says the proper gap for the spark plugs should be .035 for the LT1 (VIN P)!!!! The gap on the 3.4L is .045!!!!! I know I have seen .050 before for the LT1 so I would double check with GM before setting the gap?

It is on the drivers side front, closet to the radiator( the first spark plug).

Bad spark plug or wire? Bad Valve or piston? (do a compression test)

.42-.45 might also try going to autozone or napa. they will tell you.

just find your distributor behind your water pump and follow the spark plug wires. It is very time consuming and frustrating but you will save ALOT of money doing it your self

96' z28 won't start because lack of spark. Could it be crankshaft position sensor? I just replaced distributor.

The 1992 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 as equipped with the 5.7L (350 cid) engine's spark plug gap is dependent on street versus racing use and the plug material. Modern replacement plugs are all pre-gapped from the factory for this application. Budget AC Delco part #R45TS copper is set at .035-inches. Mid-grade AC Delco Professional Platinum #2 is .045-inches. Premium Denso Iridium Power #5303 is .044-inches.

try the hei module in the distributor.

Very few if any, part of the z28 package was the power windows.

.35 stock .40 to .55 aftermarket

Yes- F body car. Sharing parts from 1993-2002.

The coolant drain plug is located on bottom corner of radiator facing engine.

Passerger side of the engine compartment on the firewall Mr_Bond

The answer to your question is no. That is the not the correct speedometer for a Z28. The original speedometer was probably replaced with one from a wimpy Camaro. Yes it is the right one. You could buy a Z28 that didn't have factory Z rated tires. If you did you go the 115 speedo and a speed limiter. If you bought Z rated tires after the purchase of the car you could take it back to the dealer and they were suppose to change out the speedo for the 150 mph version and remove the speed limiter.

it's the first plug on the passenger side closest to the radiator.

ac delco copper Use the factory recommended plugs. AC delco 41906.

i assume you pulled plugs and grounded them and lookesed for spark.look online and test coils with meter.

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