What is the correct timing marks for 1996 Cavalier?

Created by 57 trim

Toyota Cavalier is nothing more or less as a regular Chevy Cavalier so you should follow proper timing instructions to set it for a 96 2.4L TC motor. The only reason it is Toyota is because in Japan it was sold by Toyota.To set timing on a 1996 2.4L TC motor, you take the whole timing housing plate off to expose the chain.Pop the chain guides and get the chain tensioner off.Now set the crank at TDC. The way you do this is the groove on the crank sprocket, align it with the grove on chain housing at 12 o'clock.The cams you are gonna set both at 6 o'clock.Cam sprockets have a hole below the cam bolts that are holding the sprocket to the cam and if you put a bolt through the sprocket it should secure itself into the chain housing fixing the cams at 6 o'clock to help you not to move them.After you got the crank at 12 and cams at 6, put a push pin through the side of the tensioner and push the tensioner in and you are gonna have to hold it in from coming out.Mount it on the housing and bolt it on, after that let off it and let it put tension on the chain, install the guides and the housing cover.There is your Toyota, Chevy timing.