What is the correct way to breathe when exercising?

The best way to remember how to beathe during a workout is to control your breathing - don't let your breathing control you.

Many people end up exercising very intensely to the point where they have to stop in order to catch their breath. It is better to remain aware of our breathing at all times and to focus on controlling how we beath.

Depending on the type of exercise a person participates in and at what level of intensity, breathing can become the key to whether or not we succeed in reaching our workout objectives. Sometimes people can't finish their workout because the become too out of breath and have to stop. This can frighten older persons who are new to exercising.

Instead, it is better to start out by making awareness of how we breath our primary focus. In the marital arts, breathing is often the focus because this allows the body to maximize the oxygen that reaches the muscles and keeps the energy level high. Also, advanced martial artists use the martial arts as a way to pratice moving meditation. By focusing their attention on a specific, and repetitive movement, such as a kick or punch, the mind can become absorbed in the moment and the person exercises much longer and more comfortably because their attention is not focused on how they feel (tired, out of breath, etc) but on how they are moving and breathing.

Breathin technique is important. When exercising try to breath in through the nose in a controlled fashion and exhale through the mouth, again in a controlled manner. This way you remain focused on your breathing without becoming focused on how out of breath you are. You can reach a higher level of fitness in less time and learn to enjoy exercise at the same time.