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life expectancy is reduced on average by 12 years for people not using clean purified water.

Most countries are suffering for lack of decent clean tap water.

recently water Clinic has introduced latest technology that offers clean pure drinking water (Super water)for Iranian people in Tehran and some smaller cities, direct to public at a very competitive price.

The idea has been welcomed , and the company is expanding rapidly.

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Is there a corralation between the mass of an object and the mass of water?

There is definitely a correlation between the mass of an object and the mass of water. Many things are compared.

What should be the ideal tds level in drinking water?

the optimal level of tds in drinking water is between 75 - 150 . good luck.

Where can get drinking water from?

you can get drinking water from a drinking fountain

Drinking water standard drinking water standard?

standard bromid in drinking water

What is the difference between liquid chlorine for pools and for drinking water?

beacause chlorine is a chemical used to clean water

What kind of water is suitable for drinking?

Water supplied or sold as "drinking water".

Definition of unclean drinking water?

Drinking water that is not clean

How do you say drinking water in German?

Drinking water = Trinkwasser

Is Gastroenteritis in your drinking water?

Yes. Gastoenteritis is in our drinking water.

Which water is fit for drinking?

hard water is fit for drinking

How much is BOD value of drinking water?

There are generally no standards for an absolute BOD5 value of drinking water. However, a sample with a BOD5 between 1 and 2 mg/L indicates a very clean water

How do you get ink water into pure drinking water?

pour ink water into pure drinking water.

What is a sentence on drinking water?

Most people were drinking beer but John was drinking water.

What is the report about gourmet drinking water?

What the heck. Gourmet drinking water I'm quite fin with normal drinking water. wierdo911

Where does most of your drinking water come from?

most of the drinking water come from the rain and puts it in the ground and that's where your drinking water come from

Where does colombia get their drinking water?

They Get their drinking water by underground and pump it out of the ground to get the water that is needed

What is kosher drinking water?

There is no such thing as "kosher drinking water" as water is kosher by default.

What is drinking water?

Drinking water is water that is safe for a human to drink, it is said to be potable.

For drinking water what is a stabilizer for?

For long term drinking water storage

What percentage of drinking water is polluted?

About 53% of drinking water is polluted

Does petrologist study drinking water?

They study rocks. Not drinking water.

Are we running out of drinking water-?

No, we are not running out of drinking water in the United States.

Will drinking water make you grow taller?

No. But drinking water is okay to do.

Where do you get drinking water in Antarctica?

Drinking water comes from melted ice.

What are the four main sources of drinking water?

Major sources of drinking water include ground water, precipitation, surface water, and sea water. Sea water can be desalinated to be used as drinking water.