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What is the cost of filling an above ground pool with water?


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It depends on the pool size and where you live. I have an above ground 24 ft x 52 in pool and it cost about $260 for 2 5000 gallon tanks. I still had to add some but that gives an estimate.

Depending on your area most city water systems charge between $2-3 per unit (748 gals.) A 10,000 gal. pool at $2.50 per unit would cost about $33.


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The cost of an above ground pool is relative to what you want IN a pool and what you want with the pool...............Accessories.

We have been told it is safe and much more cost effective to put in a salt system for our above ground pool. I would like to be very sure before I invest.

Above ground septic tanks that fit underneath RV trailers are approximately $700.00

The cost of above ground swimming pools vary by make, model, and location. However, for a basic quality swimming pool, expect to pay at least $3,000.

We have a 24' foot round above ground with 13000.00 gallons of water and that only requires a 1 hp pump a 2 hp pump may be overkill and cost more to operate

Filling the pool in with topsoil and planting or sodding the area

The average above ground pool cost a few thousand dollars You can get a cheap one for around $800. A more high end one will be $3000-$4000.

16x32 above ground doughboy swimmimg pool.

That would depend on the size of your pool

The cost of swimming pool repair can vary depending upon whether or not the pool is above-ground or in-ground. Above-ground pool repairs will generally be less than $25. In-ground pool repairs ranging from $500 to $1,000 are not uncommon.

In southern California the cost to install an above ground pool vary by size of the pool and the prep work needed to level the area and the cost of building materials like sand. Generally speaking, most pools cost between $800 and $1500 to have professionally installed. Pools with a deep end and pools partially buried in the ground will be substantially more.

Normally $600 per ft Not including trenching and shoring and filing fees and inspections and back filling and tampering and under ground insurance and environmental concerns with back filling with clean fill

In general, an above ground pool costs from 10 to 20 percent of what it costs to install a comparable sized in-ground pool. Further benefits are that it is easier to prepare for overwintering, easier to heat, and it will not add to your property's assessed value.

it would cost about 2,000 dollars. a cheaper way is to make a ring of cinderblocks about that deep in the ground. (small red floor bricks on the bottom). that will cost roughly 1,000 dollars. then put the pool inside.

The cost for a composite filling (Tooth Colored) for 1 Surface should be between $130 and $200.

Above ground swimming pools vary in price depending on the size, brand, and shape. While very small inflatable models could cost only a couple hundred dollars, larger hard-sided pools will cost anywhere from $1000 to $5000.

No, they are usually in-ground. Many prefer fiberglass for it's lower cost, easier maintenance, and better algae control.

Perhaps you can not afford to have an in-ground pool built in your backyard. You can still cool off in the summer heat by buying an above-ground pool. Adding a wooden deck around the above-ground pool will greatly enhance the appearance of the pool. Not only will your pool and overall property look better, but a wooden deck also makes it easier to get in and out of the pool. It will cost a little more for an above ground pool with a wooden deck, but it is well worth the extra expense.

The cost of a swimming pool varies by type. A small portable pool can cost as little as $300 to $500, where a permanent above ground pool can cost as much as $7,000. In ground pools cost much more, with luxury pools costing in excess of $15,000. Maintenance costs also add to the price.

Depending on what kind of irrigation system and what features were installed with that system your cost range is from zero cost to hundreds of dollars depending upon how elaborate you need to be. The best idea is to call your irrigation service company and ask what steps your system requires. If you have a simple home system, you can simply drain your irrigation pipes above ground by removing your sprinkler heads and using low pressure air (40psi) to expell any water in the pipes. You basically are trying to prevent freezing of the water in the pipe that is above the ground. Also, you can wrap your above ground piping in a low amperage heater cord along with some insulation material there is some cost of the material and that will depend upon what material you choose and how much is purchased. If you have Orchard sprinkler systems removing the sprinkler heads is the best idea, allowing water to have a place to expell when it freezes and expands.

This is way too nebulous unless we know what you are pumping and how much of it

With that kind of low weight you're better off filling empty milk cartons with water or sand. Doing that wouldn't cost you anything.

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