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It cost $10 to make a Zune HD.

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Q: What is the cost to make a Zune HD?
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Does the zune HD have blue tooth?

no but it can connect with other zune hd's

Does the zune HD play outloud?

No, the zune hd doesnt have a buit in speaker.

When was Zune HD created?

Zune HD was created on 2009-09-15.

What is the average cost of a zune HD?

250 200 some where in that range or area

Is the zune HD compatible with Skype?

The Zune HD does not have a Skype app, if that's what you mean.

Does the Zune HD work in Canada?

With a few adjustments the Zune HD works just as good in Canada as it does in the USA. First you have to change your computer's location to USA. Then you have to make an American mail account. After that, install the Zune software. I have been using a Zune HD in Canada for a while now. The only hard part is trying to buy one and get it sent to Canada.

Are there any stores selling the Zune HD in Ottawa Canada?

No, the Zune HD is only available in the US.

Does the zune HD have games on it?

of course and apps. The 2nd gen had games why wouldn't the new Zune HD not have games....

Should you get a zune HD or ps3?

Get a zune. They're awesome.

Do they still make Zune?

yes zunes are still being made. in fact they just came out with the new Zune HD which has a touch screen

Do have to have internet on zune HD?

No, you don't need internet for you Zune HD. *But you do need to download the software, and you register

Does the zune HD work with iTunes?

no but you can downlaod the zune software from

How much are the zune HD?

At the 16 GB Zune is $165. The 32 GB Zune is $231

Do you need wireless for your zune HD?

No, you don't need internet for you Zune HD. *But you do need to download the software, and you register

Can you use iPod apps on a zune HD?

Sorry but no, the Zune HD does have 14 good quality apps though. You can also make your own games with the XNA software, go to to get some 3rd party apps.

How much does a Zune HD cost?

There are 2 Models16GB is $219.9932GB is $289.99

Can zune HD play runescape?


What will be the next zune after the zune HD?

At this time Microsoft is not making any more Zune players. However they have incorporated many of the Zune features into their Windows phones.

What is better zune HD or itouch?

Trust me... the Zune HD! but i think the ipod has more apps. I am buying the zune hd. it is also cheep er considering it's only 179.99 where as the ipod touch is 199.99. You can buy a TV Dock for the ZHD with the difference.

What is the best mp3 zune HD or ipod touch?

if you want apps i touch for more but the screen and music quality oin the zune hd is an amazing 720p

Is a zune touch screen?

yes the zune hd has touchscreen wifi and all that good stuff

How is the Zune HD HD?

It has an Nvidia Tegra chip built in, and if you put it in a dock ( sold separately) and plug the HDMI into your HD TV, you can watch HD videos on your TV from your Zune HD. It also has an OLED screen, which gives vibrant and more contrast for colors than LCD.

Can the zune HD text?

no but in the future Microsoft might allow people to make apps and then people would.

How can you watch HD movies on xbox 360?

HD movies can be found on Netlix, and/or Zune. Just make sure your account on those two sites... has the video output to maximum quality. (HD)

Can you use KiK on Zune HD?


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