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What is the currency of Dubai?

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UAE currency

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What is the Dubai currency?

The currency used in Dubai is the same currency used throughout the UAE - the Dirham (marked as "AED").

What is the currency used in Dubai?

The currency used in Dubai is the Arab Emirate Dirham (AED or Dh).

What is the currency name in Dubai and its Indian value?

The currency of dubai is Dirham and i dirham is equal to Rs.14.722

Is the Euro used in Dubai?

No. Dirham is the currency used in Dubai.

What is the currency n Dubai?

The currency in Dubai is UAE Dirham. One British Pound is equal to 6.06603 UAE Dirhams

What currency is used in dubai?

The dirham.

What currency can you use in Dubai?


Indian rupee 10 equals how much Dubai currency?

Indian rupee 10 is equals to 0.75 dirhams(dubai currency)

What currency should you take to Dubai?

You should use dirhams that is the currency

What is the currency in Dubai?

UAE Dirham (AED)

What is the costliest currency in the world?

ream of dubai

What kind of currency does Dubai use?


Which country's currency is higher in the world?


Can you use Qatar Riyals in Dubai?

No, the only legal and acceptable form of currency in Dubai is the Dirham. You can exchange your Riyals at a currency exchange service for Dirhams.

Gold price per 10 grams in Dubai in Indian rupees and in Dubai Currency?


What is gold price in Dubai in Indian currency?


What currency is Dubai using?

Dubai, as with all the other Emirates is using United Arab Emirates Dirham as currency, abbreviated AED. One dollar equals 3.67 Dirhams.

What was the currency in Dubai 50 years ago?

India Ruppes

What is the amount of 50 dollars of Dubai in Pakistan?

Dubai is in the UAE whose currency is the UAE Dirham. Pakistan's currency is the Pakistani Rupee. 50 UAE Dirhams = 1,280.29 Pakistani Rupees

Can you pay for taxis in US Dollars in Dubai?

Yes you can use US dollars to pay for taxis in Dubai. US currency is accepted at most places in Dubai.

3000 Dubai dirham in rupees?

3000 Dubai dirham (AED) = INR 40000 roughly. You can get daily currency exchange rates from

Gold price per tola in Dubai in Indian currency?

25900 rs

What is one euro in Dubai currency?

4.62613 AED (24 May 2012)

What is the basic salary in Dubai?

in English currency it is: 12p every 10 years

23 k gold price in Dubai in Indian currency?

i think 200rs per miligram

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