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Current Scott catalog price is 40 cents mint and 20 cents in very fine condition.

You can probably buy a mint one for 30 cents if you look around and a small dealer might well sell a used one for 15 cents.

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What is the current value of US Postal Service stamps?

39 cents

Is the US postal stamp 42 cents?

The current rate for first class letters is 44 cents.

How much is US postal service stamp worth?

42 cents.

What is the current price of a US Postal Service stamp for a first-class letter?

The current (Aug 2014) price of postage for a standard first-class letter is 49 cents. Check out the website of the United States Postal Service for a full rundown, including additional-ounce costs (see Related Links).

What is the price of US postal service Postcard stamps?

The price of a US postal service postcard stamp is 27 cents.

What is the current price of a US postage stamp?

As of July 4, 2013, the current price of a United State Postal Service first class stamp is 46 cents. This price is good for a letter that weighs up to one ounce.

What is the value of 784400 NDN flag stamps?

41 cents if the flag has a tan background and 42 cents if it has a bluish background according to the US Postal Service Customer Service Hotline.

What year did US Postal Service raise the stamp to 32 cents?

This event occurred on Jan. 1, 1995.

Where can United States postage rates be found?

To find the most current United State Postal Service (USPS) postage rates, one should visit the official website. As of June 2013, the current postage rate for 1 ounce is 46 cents.

When do postal rates increase?

Whenever the US Postal Service thinks it is losing money. The increases are usually 2 cents though, and seem to occur every couple years.

How much is a postage stamp right now?

44 cents. You can buy them online at the U.S. Postal Service Web site

What is the value of a US Postal Service Forever Stamp?

As of 2016, one standard forever stamp costs 49 cents.

What is the current price of a US postal stamp for a first class letter?

The current First Class postage rate is 45 cents (since 22 January 2012).

How much is a us postal stamp today?

Current price for a first -class stamp is 45 cents, as of 10/4/12.

What is the price of postal stamps?

In the U.S. Postal Stamps are 42 cents each

How much is it to mail a letter?

If you are mailing a letter by first-class mail in the United States, the price at this time (March of 2012) is 45 cents. You can cneck the Postal Service website for current prices, because they go up from time to time.

Is there a 5 cents stamp that you can use with a 39 cents stamp for a total of 44 cents todays first class stamp?

Yes. You should be able to buy one at any post office, or from the U.S. Postal Service web site.

How much does it cost to mail a 1 ounce letter?

Current postal rate is 44 cents for the first ounce or fraction thereof. (United States)

US postal rates to Canada?

75 cents

How much did postal stamps cost in 1937?

3 cents

What is the letter postal rate through the US?

44 cents

How much is a 2011 postal stamp?

40-60 cents.

How much were first class stamps worth in 1944?

US postal postal stamps were 3 cents in 1944

What is the current price of a postage stamp issued by the USPS?

Currently, the cost of a first-class United States Postal Service stamp is 46 cents. The forever stamps that the post office sells will always remain enough to send mail, even if the price of stamps goes up.

What is the selling value of a 2 cents US Postal Card?

5 cents if you could ever find a buyer.