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What is the current value of a 1935 Canadian dollar?


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January 06, 2012 7:46PM

the 1935 Canadian dollar is a very desirable coin to collectors as it is the first Canadian dollar that was minted for circulation. (the only preceding Canada dollar was the 1911 dollar, but this coin sold at auction for $1,000,000 at auction recently because only 3 were ever made)

if it is in extra fine condition or lower, you can easily find one on ebay for about $30-$40, perhaps more if it is graded and slabbed. if this coin is in AU or better, you could sell it for around $80. if it is in AU or better condition and professionally graded or slabbed, you can get around $100-$150.

more facts:

this coin is slightly rare because just slightly over 400,000 were minted.

this coin is composed of 80% silver and 20% copper, meaning this coin has about .600 try ounces of silver.

this coin wasn't just a normal dollar,it was the silver jubilee of king George the 5th, honoring the 25 year anniversary of his ascension to throne.

i hope this info helps, if you are looking to sell this coin, i recommend you hold onto it. when this coin gets older it gets rarer, along with the rising price of silver, this coin will be worth much more one day.