What is the current world situation?

Short, opinionated version:

By historical standards, great. By contemporary standards, grim.

Long, opinionated version:

Perhaps you don't want a relative qualification: the world is vastly unequal in terms of power between nations and wealth of those nations' members. Billions of people live in abject poverty. Humankind consumes resources much faster than the earth can replenish them. Much of our material goods and even food use fossil fuel inputs. The rest of the world wants to live like Americans/Europeans, but frankly they cannot. The earth can barely support 600 million Western-style consumers. 6 billion Western-style consumers simply wouldn't fit.

On the plus side, the lot of the world's poorest gets better every decade. Many people help: the wealth global north sends charity dollars, but more importantly economic development (i.e. sweatshops, imported unskilled labor) to the global south. And it's possible (perhaps even likely) that a combination of market forces, government intervention and raw necessity can combine to produce enough "green" technology to save us from a Malthusian apocalypse. At any rate, Westerners are rich enough to survive global warming or other forms of environmental degration; the world's poor might not fare so well.