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As of 2012, it is 5772.

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2012-05-01 13:31:27
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Q: What is the current year for the jewish calendar?
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What is the current year according to the Jewish calendar?

As of 2014, it is 5774 according to the Jewish calendar.

What year does the Jewish people live in?

The Jewish calendar puts the current year at 5770, counted since creation.

What is the current date on the Jewish calendar?

The year 5771 in the Hebrew calendar begins on September 9, 2010 .

What is the current year in the Jewish calendar?

The Hebrew traditional year of 5772 begins on Wednesday evening, September 28, 2011.

What is the year 2010 according to the Jewish calendar?

As of November, 2010, the year, according to the Jewish calendar is 5771.

What calendar starts 3760 years before the birth of Jesus Christ?

That would be the Jewish Calendar. Subtract the current civilian year of 2011 from the current Jewish year of 5770 and you get the biblical date from the "creation" of Adam which was 3760 years before the birth of Christ, the second "Adam".

Why does Jewish new year change dates?

The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar. The New Year is always on the same date in that calendar - it is just our solar calendar where the date "changes."

In 2009 what year is it in the Jewish calendar?

It was 5769 up until Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year which this year began on the 18th of September in the secular calendar; so, according to the Jewish calendar, it is now 5770.

When is the year 7000 in jewish calendar?

The year 7000 on the Hebrew calendar will occur in September of the year 3240.

What year is the jewish calendar in?

The Hebrew calendar year of 5772 began on September 29, 2011.

What year is 2012 in jewish calendar?


What year is it in the Jewish calendar as of 2012?


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