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the jewish calendar began many centuries before before the Gregorian Calendar.

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The Jewish calendar consists of twelve lunar months. It also keeps in step with the solar year, by adding a thirteenth lunar leap-month seven times every nineteen years. The Gregorian calendar, which sticks to the solar year, ignores the lunar months and does not attempt to keep in step with them.

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The Gregorian Calendar currently uses a Solar correction -- 365.25 days per year, so every fourth year, you add a day -- leap year. The Jewish calendar, more concerned with agriculture, lets the time shift until its about a month off -- then a second month (of Adar) is added. Then there is the Muslim calendar, which ignores all those details -- no correction.

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The Jewish calendar begins three thousand years before the Gregorian calender. :)

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Q: What descirbes a major difference between the Jewish calender and the gregorian calendar?
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The Gregorian calender is named after Pope Gregory XIII who made its use official in a papal decree in 1582.

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The Gregorian calendar is a solar calender, that was first used in 1582. This is where the start of leap year came into play. This is also how they began to determine the date of Easter.

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No. on a gregorian calender, there are 365 days, 366 if it is a leap year.

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hi thereWhat calender do they use for the Church's year? The Melkite Church uses the Gregorian calender there u go :D

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