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Q: What is the cutting speed for Polypropylene while machining the piece?
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Abrasive jet machining?

forcing abrasives over work piece at higher speed for cutting . it is unconventional machining process .

What is cutting speed of a lathe?

The cutting speed of a lathe is the speed at which the saddle or cross slide travels when machining a workpiece. The cutting speed is selected by levers located on the side of the head stock and range from very slow to very high speeds.

What is the differences of cutting speed and cutting feed for lathe machine?

Cutting speed is the peripheral speed of a rotating job at the point where tool is passing while machining. The unit of cutting speed is Meters/minute. For a particular dia the cutting speed is calculated as πDN/1000, where D is in mm, N in RPM. For a constant cutting speed when diameter of cutting decreases then RPM increases. Constant surface speed or constant cutting speed is possible in CNC machine only. Where as cutting feed is the advancement of tool in a job while cutting. The unit of feed rate can be mentioned in two ways either in mm/revolution or in mm/minute.

What will happen if you increase the speed of machining in Wire electrical discharge machining?

Machined surface is more rough.

What are the machining parameters?

speed, feed and depth of cut

What is wrong with a material machining process producing a high frequency noise and serrated chips were produced cutting tool wears very fast and work piece is not meeting the dimensional accuracy?

Something is loose and/or vibrating. The cutting tip may be too long, ie, it may be too far from the mounting assembly, there could be a problem with the bearings, or the speed could be too high.

Explain Kinematics when applied to secondary machining techniques?

Casting, forming, forging, extruding and molding are primary machining. Material removal and change of shape, drilling, grooving, dimensional corrections are some very special specific techniques, which are used in specialist workshops or machines are suppose to be the secondary machining, Turning, milling, drilling grinding, shaping are some of the secondary machining process. Chuck, face plate, vice, jigs, fixtures special centers are the work holding devices. Vernier calipers, micrometer, compactors, depth micrometers are some of the measuring tools using for secondary machining Turning, threading grooving, parting tools, milling cutters, taps drill bits, etc are cutting tools using for secondary machining techniques. Cutting speed, Speed, Feed rate, etc are the cutting parameters Inspections, verification, comparison, are the quality control methods in this kinematics. Assessments of health and safety measures are yet another kinematics in this technique.

What is the Definition of cutting speed on a lathe?

cutting speed is a combination of depth of cut and feed.

Which cutting tool has the highest cutting speed?

How fast lathes, cutting speed can be fast, it has a relationship with the feed amount and diameter.

What is the difference between cutting speed and feed?

Cutting Speed :- Rate at which point on work circumference travels past cutting tool.It always express in feet/min.and if it is too high cutting tool breaks down rapidly and if too slow low production rate occurs. Feed :- The distance that cutting tool advances along the length of work piece for every revolution of the spindle.

What is high speed machining?

It is the process of using high speed spindle rates and lighter passes to achieve rapid material removal.

What is the design procedure for single point cutting tool? have to know the workpiece material 2.tool material 3.type of machining process 4.sinle point or multi point tool 5.roughing or finishing cut 6.stresses that applied on the tool 7.dry or wet machining 8.cutting conditions,speed,feed and depth of cut 9.productivity and tool life 10.surface finish required

What is a lathe cutting tool made from?

Now a days verities of materials are using for making lathe cutting tools. In earlier days Hardened high carbon steelswere used. High Speed Steel (HSS) came next to HCS. Ordinary carbide inserts of different grades came after HSS. Coated carbide inserts of various grades suitable for machining different metals and alloys are predominant now. Ceramic and diamond inserts are the latest cutting tool materials using for the machining of materials having very high hardness.

The speed of a piece of music is called what?

The speed or pace of a given piece is known as tempo

What are the unit of cutting speed and feed on machine tool?

feed mm/sec speed Rev/min RPM for cutting tool

How do you measure lathe speed?

lathe speed is numerically measured by cutting speed vdn/1000.

Can you drill Polypropylene?

Yes, you can drill polypropylene. Use a regular drill bit and keep speed about mid range. Too fast melts it instead of drilling and too slow may catch the edges of the bit.

Cutting speed of carbide tools while cutting low carbon steel?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing?

ADVANTAGES: It generates the cnc's APT language automatically by using the CAD diagram and also process plans the whole machining operations and also the cutting tools type,material feed,speed and depth of cut.

What is the minimum speed for cutting steel with an aluminum oxide stone?

The minimum speed for cutting steel with an aluminum oxide stone is 35 m/s.

What is the difference between cutting speed feed rate depth of cut?

Feed of a cutting tool in the lathe is the distance of the tool advances for each revolution of the work.The depth of cut is the perpendicular distance measured from the machined surface to the uncut surface of the work piece.

What has the author Richard Charles Dewes written?

Richard Charles Dewes has written: 'High speed machining of hardened ferrous alloys'

What is the spindle speed for the carbide cutting tools?

I thought you knew....

What can be made from high speed steel?

drills, cutting tools

What products use cnc?

the cnc technology is applicable for high accuracy machining and high speed machining,it si more efficient than the conventional methods like lathe,driller, the application of cnc the production time can be reduced and there by increase the productivity and profit .