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helllp!/? with that new cingular commerci don't know either! but it sounds like new order or joy division...right?i know the lyrics... I'm the type of guy who likes to or something like that?
2011-09-14 09:10:03
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Does cingular carry lg phones?

Yes Cingular carries LG phones as well as many other models. A few types of LG phones that Cingular carries are:Xenon GR500, CU400, and the CI300. To look at a series of Cingular LG phones you can visit

Cingular phones with keyboards?

cingular phones with qwerty keyboards are cingular 8125,cingular 8525, nokia E62,nokia f9200,nokia 6822,some other blackberrys

Where can you purchase new Cingular phones?

New Cingular phones can be purchased thru AT&T as they are the same company. There are many different Cingular phones that one can choose from such as the HTC Windows phone.

What type of cell phones does cingular offer?

"Cingular (now AT&T) has several types of cell phones to offer you. Flip Phones, PDA / Smartphones USB, Modems, Bar Phones, Slider Phones, and Refurbished phones too."

Cingular chip cell phones?

Cingular, now The New AT&T, utilizes SIM cards for their phones. If you are looking for a pre owned cell phone for Cingular, I have included a link below. Hope this helps.

Can cingular sim cards work in sprint phones?


Do Cingular phones have unlimited plans?

Yes, Cingular cell phones have unlimited plans. For more information, please visit the following: and

Can cingular sim cards work in t-mobile phones?

No. Cingular doesn't exist any more...

Can you use your cingular sim card in a tmobile phone?

tmobile usually locks their phones, so you would have to call and get it unlocked. Cingular doesn't usually lock their phones though, so the tmobile card should work in a cingular phone.

In what year did they stop selling Cingular prepaid cell phones?

Cingular prepaid cell phones ceased to exist as of 2007. Cingular was actually acquired by AT&T in December of 2006 and announced that it would be re-branded as AT&T in January of 2007.

How do you get MP3 on cingular cell phones?

You can't only on sprint or Verizon have mp3 built into their phones.

What cell phones do the members of run's house use?


What are some of the newest cell phones offered by Cingular?

Cingular is now known as AT&T. Some of the new phones AT&T offers are the Samsung Captivate, HTC HD7s and the sharp FX.

What companies offer Cingular pay as you go phones?

The companies that offer cingular pay as you go phones include, but are not limited to Cingular One (now called AT&T) and Verizon. Singular prepaid GoPhones offer pay as you go and pick your plan prepaid payment options and a variety of phone models, making them a popular choice for prepaid phones.

does cingular still sell lg phones?

AT&T is now known as Cingular. Yes, they still sell LG Phones. Some of them are known as the LG Encore, LG Quantum, LG Neon,and the LG Phoenix. They are ll considered touch screen phones.

How long does it take for cingular phones to be delivered?

4 to 6 business days.

What do Cingular stores offer?

Cingular stores offer all of the benefits that the Cingular online services offer but with a human touch. You can pay bills, pick out a new phone, or even transfer contacts between phones.

What types of pre paid phones are available by Cingular?

The types of pre paid phones that are available are phones such as Tracfone, Nextel, and Nokia cell phones. People buy minutes for these phones to use beforehand.

Do U have any no-contract phones with a camera?

Do U have any no-contract phones with a camera?

What is the advantage of using cingular mobile phones?

The advantages of using a cingular mobile phone is that you are connecting to one of the worlds largest phone networks providing access to many millions of customers. The latest phones are available and there are many choices of price plan.

Best camera flip phones?

LG has several great camera flip phones to choose from. LG phones are great and the battery life is excellent.

What kind of phone does not have a camera in it?

the button pad phones does not have a camera in it

Which company provides processors for Sony Ericsson mobile phones and what is their relative speed in MHZ?


Does nextel have good camera phones?

Nextel does not have good camera phones. Most of their phones are cheap, but usually rugged. This makes them able to withstand outdoor work in the elements.

Are Nokia camera phones better than iPhone camera phones?

Nokia camera phones are generally better than any other camera phone on the market, including the iPhone. The iPhone's trick is that it over exposes the photos to make them seem more vivid.