What is the darkest skin color?

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Solid black.

What is the darkest color?

For reflective colors, black is the darkest (in this case, it is a color). For light, their is no darkest color, because all can have equally dim brightness. However, the l

What is the darkest red hair color?

this is kind of a stupid question cuz i'd need more info on what brand you'd use and ur natural hair colour but heres a link of what i'd say is the darkest hair colour is...

What color is the darkest?

Black............is not because it's not a color......The darkest one is Voilet
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What are the primary colors from lightest to darkest?

There are three primary colors used in the fine arts, blue, red and yellow. We call them primary colors because they cannot be created by using any other colors and it is poss