What is the day before the day after yesterday?


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the day after yesterday=(-1)+1=0=Today

the day before the day after yesterday=(-1)+[(-1)+1]=(-1)=Yesterday !!!

Answer = Yesterday

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Er...If"The day after yesterday" is todayThenThe day before that day is yesterday.Yesterday. That's my final answer.

yesterday in French: hier the day before yesterday: avant-hier

Yesterday is the day before today.

Yesterday was the day before today.

In such questions we need to search for the starting point or the clue. The clue in the question is the word "Yesterday" which is at the last. So this is our starting point. Now lets divide the sentence into 4 parts... The day after/ the day before/ the day after yesterday So coming from back....the day after yesterday= today then continuing it....the day before( today) yesterday... The day after (yesterday) today... Or After dividing we find day after , day before as cancellation pair...and we are left with the day after yesterday......answer is Today.

Yesterday = Ontem - The day before yesterday = Anteontem

Friday. The day before yesterday (WED) was two days after Monday.

Sunday Day before yesterday = Wednesday Yesterday = Thursday Today = Friday Tomorrow = Saturday Day after Tomorrow = Sunday

The before today

Not a hard question. Today is Saturday. Yesterday was Friday and the day before the day before Fri. was Wed. which is three days after last Saturday.

The day before today is called yesterday.

Yesterday was Friday if 5 days before the day after tommorrow was Wednesday. friday

Yes, it can be because it says "when" an action occurred. "He left yesterday." Yesterday can also be a noun when it just refers to the day. "Yesterday is the day before today."

4 days after Sunday is Thursday and this is the day before yesterday. Yesterday would mean you have to advance one day, the day b/f yesterday means you have to advance two days. So the day is Thursday + 2 days or Saturday.

Today is Tuesday the day after tomorrow is Thursday.So it's Friday.Tuesday is two away from Wednesday,Friday is two away from Wednesday.The day before yesterday from Friday is Wednesday,the day before yesterdayfrom Tuesday is Sunday. The answer is Wednesday!-Katie

The day before today. Two days before tomorrow. But if tomorrow never comes, will yesterday ever go. =/ At the time of this writing, yesterday was Sunday, January 1st, 2011.

Sunday. Why? The day before the day before yesterday was Monday implies that today is Thursday. This is true because the 'day before yesterday (Wednesday)' would be Tuesday, and the day before Tuesday is Monday. Since today is Thursday, that means that the "day after tomorrow(Friday)" is Saturday, and the day after that is Sunday. *** uh, that is incorrect. if TODAY is WEDNESDAY, then YESTERDAY would be TUESDAY, and the DAY BEFORE that would be MONDAY. now that we've established that TODAY is WEDNESDAY, then TOMORROW would be THURSDAY, and the DAY AFTER would be FRIDAY. so the ANSWER IS FRIDAY. *** never mind. misread the question.

The word 'yesterday' is a noun, a common, abstract noun; a word for the day before the present day or a day not long past.The word 'yesterday' is an adverb; a word to modify a verb as occurring the day before or at a time not long past.

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