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Many viruses cause systemic infections. A systemic infection is one which may involves multiple systems (organs) in the body. For example the virus may enter the body through the respiratory tract and initially cause some minor upper respiratory symptoms but then it may enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body such as the parotid glands or the liver or spleen and may present as a rash or cause liver or spleen enlargement or indeed it may enter into the central nervous system and give rise to meningitis or encephalitis. So this is what is meant by a systemic viral infection. Examples of some viruses that cause major systemic viral infections are Mumps, Measles, Rubella and Varicella Zoster (chickenpox/shingles).

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Q: What is the defenition of systemic viral infection?
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What are the signs and symptoms of systemic viral infection?

Fever, chills, myalgias, fatigue, and rash are common symptoms in systemic viral infection.

Pathophysiology of systemic viral infection?

this site is awesome!!

Is systemic viral infection dangerous?

I would think that a viral infection that's systemic is prolly nothing to mess around with. A systemic infection means that it effects the entire body and having anything viral can cause many issues: a viral infection can't be cured by meds cause it has to run its course and an antibiotic only helps with with bacterial infections or also in other cases yeast. Sometimes a viral infection can turn into something more serious so I suggest always number one... Follow doctors orders, eat lots of fresh garlic and vitamin C to keep up immune system, lots of rest and plenty of fluids. Depending on what viral infection I would suspect that each has it's own severities. Good luck;)

What are possible causes of pericarditis?

Chest trauma, systemic infection (bacterial, viral, or fungal), myocardial infarction (heart attack ), or tuberculosis.

Is a wart a viral infection?

A wart is a viral infection.

Can an infection be both localized ans systemic at the same time?

a localised infection can become a systemic infection

Is systemic viral is a serious disease or not?

If a disease, viral or otherwise, has gone systemic, that means it is now in your whole system. This can be very serious; in fact, a virus that has gone systemic can kill you.

What is the nursing diagnosis of systemic viral infection?

try Hyperthermia, or other diagnosis related to varicella or chicken pox which are good examples of SVA

Hello, the symptomsb?

Hello, the symptomsbyoi have described drenching you may have a viral or bacterial systemic infection , and I think you need to have this examined right away.

How does interferon protect cells from viral infection?


Does yellow mucus mean its a bacterial or viral infection?

a viral infection

Is hepatitis a bacterial viral or fungal infection?

Hepatitis is a viral infection.

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