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Quantitative observations are observations with numbers

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Q: What is the definition for quantitative observations?
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Related questions

What is the definition for Quantitative Observation?

they are observations that are in numbers

Definition of quantative and qualitive observation?

quantitative is observations with numbers and qualitative does not

What is weant by qualitative observations and quantitative observations?

quantitative observations can be expressed in numerical terms while quantitative observations are based on your senses - what you can see, hear, smell, etc.

What do quantitative observations always involve?

Quantitative observations involve quantinty or numbers .

How do you use quantitative observations in a sentence?

Quantitative observations were made to describe the dimensions of the property.

How do qualitative observations differ from quantitative?

qualitative observations don't use numbers and quantitative observations use numbers I remember them by the "N" in quantitative and I'd think that the "N" meant number.

What Is the definition of quantitative observations?

A quantitative observation is something that measures a quantity (number), such as the weight of length of an object. Quantitative observations have numbers, such as 3 pounds or 5 meters.The opposite is a qualitative observation, such as something is round or that it is blue. There are no numbers involved, the thing is either round or it's not.

How do quantitative observations differ from qualitative observations?

quatitative observations have to do with QUANTITY and qualitative observations have to do with QUALITY.

How do qualitative observations differ from quantitative observations?

quatitative observations have to do with QUANTITY and qualitative observations have to do with QUALITY.

Observations that deal with a number or amount are called?

Such observations are said to be quantitative.

What types of observations include numbers?

Quantitative observations (as opposed to qualitative observations, which do not include numbers)

What are the observations that deal with numbers or amount?


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