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A heretic is generally regarded as a person who hold religious beliefs that differ from the majority in a particular group or population.

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Religous term for a non-beleiver.

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Q: What is the definition for the word heretic?
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A sentence for the word infidel?

A heretic is an infidel.

What is another word for heretic?

Apostate or cynic.

How would one define the word heretic?

An individual could define the word heretic in a couple of different ways. An example would include a person who dissents from an accepted belief or doctrine.

What is a seven letter word for religious dissenter?

A seven letter word for religious dissenter is heretic.

What is another word for dissenter?

Protester. Sceptic, heretic, nonconformist, rebel, separatist

What is the noun form for heretical?

The word 'heretical' is the adjective form of the noun heretic.

What is an arch-heretic?

An arch-heretic is a leader of a heresy, a prominent or leading heretic.

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