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a member of the democrat party in the U.S

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Q: What is the definition of Democratic Reformer?
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What is the definition of a democratic reformer?

A democratic reformer is an activist or politician who seeks to institute democratic principles in a government. They may work for free elections or fair representation of people in government, for example.

What was Benito Juarez governing method?

He was a democratic progressive reformer.

What is the best definition of the word reformer?

The main definition of 'reformer' is one who reforms; one who disputes the accepted and advocates to bring about change in politics or society. The proper noun Reformer (capitalized) refers to a leader of the Protestant Reformation.

Was Russia's Nicholas II a devout reformer and democratic of his people?


Russia's Nicholas II was Devout reformer and democratic champion of his people?


What is a democratic reformer?

In general terms, a 'democratic reformer' is a political activist of some kind who seeks to make (and/or makes) political reforms of a democratic nature in a particular governing body or bodies. In the context of the American Founding, the members of the Continental Congress may be loosely described as 'democratic reformers' by virtue of their formation of a new government that represents a reformation of existing government in their age.

What is the definition of democratized?

introduce a democratic system or democratic principles to

What is the definition to democratic decision making?

the definition can be found through the root democratic. It is the governments idea, way of making these decisions.

Definition of greek democratic system?

your mom

What is Definition of democratic?

Supporting democracy or its principles.

What is the definition for democratic government?

A government that listens to the wishes of the voters.

What is the definition of democratic values?

Core Democratic Values are ideas and qualities that are necessary in a democratic society. They also set limits on how much say the government can have over its citizens.

Who was the first democratic reformer of Athens?

Solon (594 BC), Cleisthenes (509 BC), and Ephialtes (462 BC) all contributed to the development of Athenian democracy.

What is the definition of solid south?

The Southern states representing the Democratic Party.

Can dictatorship be a democoracy?

No. A dictatorship is by definition a non-democratic form of government.

Is the US democratic?

It is not democratic in the strictest definition of the word. The US is a democratic republic. The people do not directly vote on issues, they elect representatives who vote on issues and are supposed to represent the views of their constituents.

What is a sentence with the word reformer in it?

The reformer was coming to town for a message.

When was The Simcoe Reformer created?

The Simcoe Reformer was created in 1858.

Is Annie besant is a social reformer?

yes! she is a social reformer

Definition of democatic?

Democratic is a word used to describe someone who is part of the democratic party. This term is used when referring to politics or government issues.

Non democratic countries in the world?

depends on your definition, the US for example is not a democracy but a republic, Iran is a formal democracy but is not considered democratic by most

How applicable is the democratic peace theory in the real world?

definition of aerial domain

What are synonyms of social reformer?

One synonym for social reformer is activist.

What is the definition of reform in social studies?

the word reform means to make a change! like harriet tubman made a change so she was considered a reformer!

Was Nelson Mandela a social reformer?

five social reformer (nelsceen madbla)