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There is some difficulty in defining the eye color "hazel" as it is sometimes considered to be synonymous with light-brown and other times with dark green. They have been described as dark green or yellowish brown, or as a lighter shade of brown. Hazel eyes have also been described as being equivalent to a dark green or amber color eyes/light brown. In North America, "hazel" is often used to describe eyes that appear to change color, ranging from light brown to green and even gray, depending on current lighting in the environment.

"Hazel" actually refers to the colour of the hazel or cob nut the fruit of the hazel bush/tree that grows in Europe, which does in deed match hazel eyes. ________________________________________________ Hazel eyes are actually the most misunderstood eye color. First of all, they are a medium mixed color - brown with small lighter admixtures but only certain admixture, not just any. They fall on the Scale right down the middle between the lightest blue to cole black. And hazel eyes are light to deep brown in color. If you've ever seen a "brown-eyed person" "claim" to have hazel eyes and reacted with, "they look brown to me" that's because hazel eyes ARE brown eyes . . . with a twist . . . a golden, reddish twist.

There's a modern North American misconception about hazel eyes. Pure hazel eyes are only golden brown and/or reddish brown. Pure hazel eyes have a deep brown iris with small or significant gold amber and/or red/orange specks throughout the iris with some eyes having slight green specks and/or a dark green outline (circle) around the iris. Also there may be a gold amber and/or red/orange ring around the pupil. What hazel eyes could never be is a blue, grey or significant green mix with brown. This has been known for centuries in Europe and its colonies. However, over the last century, people in North America began misusing the term "hazel" by inaccurately calling any mixed eye color hazel.

Hazel eyes are of indo-European origins and appear to shift in color from deep, chocolate brown to a light gold, amber or honey color depending upon lighting conditions. There may be a green tinting as well for those with green specks. However, green is in no way a requirement for hazel eyes as pure hazel is only brown, red and gold.
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How do you get hazel eyes by a spell?

Meditate on your goal, while meditating visualize on the eye color you wish to attain. Do this every day, twice a day for optimal results.

How do you get hazel eyes?

Contacts . If you have to wear contacts. Get hazel eye-colored ones! xD Unfortunately AND fortunately, i don't have to wear contacts or glasses.. welll, mummy and daddy have sex, genes go together, and voila you got hazel eyes! x

Are hazel eyes a dominant gene?

dominant hazel eyes Supposedly, the most common eye color that humans have is brown. I answered this question because my eyes are hazel. I'll be SEEING you! (ha ha) You're a bloody idiot. That had nothing too do with my question so if anyone has anything intelligent to say why don't they let me kno ( Full Answer )

What are hazel eyes?

Hazel eyes are actually the most misunderstood eye color. First ofall, they are a medium mixed color - brown with gold and green.They fall on the Scale right down the middle between the lightestblue to coal black. And hazel eyes are light to deep brown incolor. If you've ever seen a "brown-eyed pers ( Full Answer )

Are green-hazel eyes recessive?

Brown Eyes are Dominant, Blue Eyes are recessive, Green Eyes are Dominant over Blue and Recessive to Brown Eyes, Same for Hazel. ACTUALLY!!!!...Green Eyes are more recessive than any eye color including Blue Only 2% of the Worlds Population have them! WRONG!!!!... Green Eyes ARE dominant over ( Full Answer )

Why do you get hazel eyes?

to make it simple its when two genes combine or one gene gives it to you. for example my dad has green eyes and my mom has brown eyes. the genes combined and i got hazel.

What is the definition of hazel?

The color hazel is defined as a light golden brown shade. It isnamed after the nut by the same name, hazelnut.

Blue eyes and hazel eyes make?

The genetics of eye color are more complex than realized previously. Almost any parent-child combination of eye colors can occur.

How do you say 'i have hazel eyes' in German?

"Ich habe haselnussbraune Augen" is the translation, but this would not normally be used. "Ich habe braune Augen" is the common expression used which means "I have brown eyes" .

What color are hazel eyes?

a very beautiful color. . if you have hazel eyes you are very pretty :) . Green/Blue . Brown/Green . And sometimes but rarely Brown/Amber specks

How many people have hazel eyes?

Its incountable. Researchers cant tell. Hazel eyes change colors so much they get fooled. Hazel turns to blue green amber and brown. but i know someone with hazel eyes and he knows about five others with hazel so there may be over 100 out there.

Are green eyes same as hazel?

No, hazel eyes are typically a mixture of brown and green and either color can be dominant. They can sometimes shift from amber/golden brown to dark golden green depending on the lighting. Hazel eyes do not contain any blue or gray, only brown, green and gold.

What color are hazel colored eyes?

i have hazel eyes and there green and gold but other peoples eyes can be blue and brown/gold . :) A.M.G.- i have hazel eyes and mine are mostly green and blue with a VERY small amout of brown near the pupil, however from far away most people consider them brown. moral of the story: hazel contains s ( Full Answer )

What is the color of hazel eyes?

The color would obviously be hazel, which is usually a brown/greenish color. This will often turn up as either brown or blue looking. PCH: Brown flecked with green.

How do you know if your eyes are hazel or brown?

if you are not sure if they are brown or hazel, they are most likely brow or pure hazel. pure hazel is a light brown, golden brown, or has yellow in it. pure hazel eyes most likely have a grey/green rim as well.

Does Kelly Clarkson have hazel eyes?

Yes. I have green eyes and the difference is that hazel have a darker middle, and in the light appears a muddy green, but in the dark apeares a light or dark brown.

How can you turn your eyes hazel?

dude you cant the only way possible that i know of is to get colored contacts or get an eye transplant.

Are hazel eyes common?

There prob in the middle because I've always heard that and I have hazel eyes=)

Hazel eyes are what color?

Hazel eyes are a blend between green and brown. At points in time, hazel eyes will change colour, sort of like a chamelion. When you are young you will be at the point where your eyes are the most green. As you get older, your eyes will become more brown, and sometimes will go directly to brown.

Do hazel eyes change to what you wear?

Mo, they remain the same colour. Though some people think that if someone with blue eyes wears something blue that the clothes intensifies their eye colour.

Do you like hazel eyes?

yes, i think hazel eyes are beautiful. i myself, have plain dark dark brown eyes; almost black however, just because hazel eyes are nice, it doesnt mean the person with hazel eyes is someone i like xP

What is the genotype for hazel eyes?

Hazel eyes are not highly common. They are eyes that can changecolor from brown to green, and somewhere in between. A genotype ofGg would produce hazel eyes.

What does Hazel eyes look like?

I have hazel eyes, there's the black dot in the center then it goes to reddish brown less then 25% out then the rest is a pretty light green AND around the outside of my eye is a circle of dark green. I got crazy beautiful eyes never met anyone else w them beside my family. Remember there r many dif ( Full Answer )

Can blue eyes and hazel eyes make green eyes?

No, an offspring will inherit both genes of eye colour from your their mum or their dad but only one will be dominant, so you only get either your mums eyes or your dads. However you could carry a dominant gene of green eyes from your ancestors sometime before that didnt show up from your mum or you ( Full Answer )

Is blue eyes or hazel eyes better?

Both blue eyes and hazel eyes are more rare than the browns and even green and both are lovely. Eye color is determined by the amount of melanin in the iris. Here are some makeup tips to help enhance your beautiful and rare eye color, lucky you! http://www.infobarrel.com/Eye_Makeup_Tips_-_Hazel_Eyes ( Full Answer )

Are gold eyes brown or hazel?

1. Gold eyes are different, they are their own colour like blue is different to grey. 2. Gold eyes = amber eyes. 3. Hazel eyes consist of lots of flecks and colours. 4. Brown eyes are solid. 5. Gold eyes are only gold and orange mixed together to make the colour. Or they have the "olive" amber ( Full Answer )

How do you know if you have green or hazel eyes?

you look at your eyes in the mirror green eyes are green, they can be a grey-green, a dark green or a green with brown (forest green). Hazel eyes are light brown with a minimal green-ish/golden tinge around the edges of the eye, basically an eye that looks like a hazelnut. However hazel eyes ar ( Full Answer )

Are blue eyes or hazel eyes dominant?

Hard to tell. Hazel eyes are often green eyes with brown in them. Green eyes and blue eyes are caused by the same gene. So neither color would dominate.

What colours suit hazel eyes?

warm tones, beige, brown, you might even want to try warm blues or greens to bring out the colors.

Do Irish people have hazel eyes?

Yes Irish people can have hazel eyes. Truth I that I have hazel eyes and I am Irish and proud of it.

Can blue eyes and brown eyes make hazel eyes?

a baby's appearance can be brought from several generations prior to you or your partner. just because neither of you have hazel eyes doesnt mean your baby wont there might be a great great grandparent that had hazel eyes. For example my husband has brown eyes and mine are hazel but my daughters eye ( Full Answer )

How do you describe hazel eyes?

Hazel is a light brown, just slightly darker than honey colour. (I have hazel eyes :) ) hazel eyes are a brown-green color, what's cool about them is that they change color a little bit depending on what color shirt or outfit you're wearing. :D - miss star

Who has brown hair and hazel eyes?

Well, I'm not positive on the question.... If you are looking for random people then: I do, my older brother does, my friend does..... Not sure..... Feel Free to Change This!

Can hazel eyes turn purple?

No., your born with them. If you have them, you have them. If you don't have them, your eye can't change to purple. I am an ophthalmologist.

Can any describe hazel eyes?

my boyfriend has hazel eyes... and they are really pretty! he can see right through meee and i luv him :)

How do you make brown eyes into hazel?

Use contact lenses that are hazel coloured or get the things like contact lenses but they only change colour of eye once in and doesnt effect your eyesight.

What do hazel eyes or symbolize represent?

Hazel Eyes symbolize the most gorgeous people of all. Almost the people of pure perfection. Unlike the brown eyed, hazel eyed people are the BEST kissers, and the BEST in bed. They are the funniest, nicest and randomest funnest people you can get. If you have brown eyes, your average, and average ki ( Full Answer )

Are blue hazel eyes rare?

I have heard from other sights only 0.2%-0.5% of the world has them I personally have them

How can you tell if your eyes are green or hazel?

Well, having hazel eyes myself I would say that green eyes are usually lighter than hazel eyes and more even. You have hazel eyes if you have yellow toned eyes or if you have a combination of green, grey or blue altogether but green is dominant. Alson if you have eyes that are brown in the middle an ( Full Answer )

Are green hazel eyes recessive?

Green and hazel are both recessive. Because of this it causes green-hazel eyes to also be recessive.

Are hazel eyes uncommon in Asians?

I don't think they are that uncommon, brown seems to be the maincolour, but hazel is a mix, so I think they aren't that uncommon :)

Can green eyes and hazel eyes produce blue eyes?

It really depends. Despite what many people think eye-colour is more genetically complex than many believe. It is definately possible, but through recessive genes being expressed rather than a green eyes + hazel eyes = blue eyes way, if you get what I mean.

Are hazel eyes gray?

Hazel eyes are hazel eyes. People with hazel eyes are commonly said to have gray eyes. People who have gray eyes are commonly mistaken for having hazel eyes.