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What is the definition of Promoters in India?

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In India, a promoterÊis defined as the one who undertakes to form a company. This person is the one who takes the necessary steps to accomplish that purpose of the company's project.Ê

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Why is goodwill account debited when company issues shares to promoters?

Promoters are the pioneer investors of a company. It can be said that due to the promoters the company has come this far. So, promoters do deserve some credibility and they get goodwill. Goodwill is debited and the promoters capital is credited. Thus, the promoters don't bring in cash for their increased share. But if, the goodwill has already been created before and the promoters have got their share, promoters need to bring cash for additional share.

What is a bank owner?

A person or a group of people who own the bank. In case of privately managed banks this definition holds true. In case of government banks or nationalized banks - it is the government of the country that owns the banks Ex: In India SBI - State Bank of India - is a nationalized bank - owned by Government of India KVB - Karur Vysya Bank - is a private bank owned by its promoters/owners

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