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n. The physiological adaptation of an animal or plant to changes in climate or environment, such as light, temperature, or altitude.

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Any of numerous gradual, long-term responses of an individual organism to changes in its environment. The responses are more or less habitual and reversible should conditions revert to an earlier state. These criteria differentiate acclimatization from ho from growth and development (which cannot be reversed); and from evolutionary adaptation (which occurs in a population over generations). Acclimatization can occur in anticipation of a change and enable organisms to survive conditions beyond their natural experience. Examples include adaptations to seasonal changes and adjustments to changes in altitude. Above retrieved from

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Q: What is the definition of acclimatization?
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When was American Acclimatization Society created?

American Acclimatization Society was created in 1871.

How does acclimatization happen and why is it important?


What factors will determin the amount of fluid necessary to maintain proper body function?

Activity, Temperature, and Acclimatization.1. age2. weight3. amount of activity done each dayActivity, Temperature, and Acclimatization (SABC = All of the above)All of the AboveActivityTempAcclimatization

What does the term 'acclimatization' mean?

acclimatization is the process in which an individual organism adjusts to a gradual change in its environment, allowing it to maintain performance across a range of environmental conditions.

What is the difference between adaptation and acclimatization?

If an animal adapts, somthing about them permantaly changes. Acclimatization is when an animal changes to suit a particular climate but the changeis not nesserceraly permanant

What is adaptation acclimation and acclimatization?

They both mean the same thing but applicable in different countries. Acclimatization is used in the UK, while acclimation is used in the US. They both mean the process in which an individual organism adapts to it environment.

How do you spell acclimatzation?

The correct US spelling is "acclimatization" (UK term acclimation).

What has the author Omri Inbar written?

Omri Inbar has written: 'Acclimatization to dry and hot environment in young adults and children 8-10 years old' -- subject(s): Acclimatization, Comparative studies, Heat, Physiological effect

What word refers to the way animals and plants change in order to survive the conditions around them?


What is a synonym for adaptation?

acclimatization, naturalization, conversion, variation, change, adjustment, transformation, modification, alteration

What is an acclimatization society?

An acclimatization society is created in order to increase and diversify the varieties of fauna in a particular region with other animals and plants from all around the world. The first such society was introduced in France in 1954, and ever since, they have become particularly popular in New Zealand.

What is an acclimatation?

Acclimatation is an alternative term for acclimatization, the process of becoming experienced in a new climate, situation, or environment, either of a person or of another biological organism.