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An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For instance, the antonym of up is down, the antonym of light is dark, the antonym of good is bad.

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Q: What is the definition of an antonym?
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What is an antonym for asthma?

It is a thing not a definition so it does not have an antonym

Quantum definition and antonym?

Definition: The smallest amount of energy that can be emitted or absorbed as electromagnetic radiation. Antonym: unfixed

Antonym and synonyms?

Antonyms are opposite definition and synonyms are the same definition.

What is an antonym for sarcasm?

the antonym of sarcasm is "true" the definition of antonym is- the opposite. so sarcasm is the opposite. not that hard to figure out. ^.^

What is the antonym for wigwam?

A wigwam, used in the literal/denotation definition, has no antonym since it is a noun.

What is antonym for channel?

Depending on the specific definition of channel, an antonym for this word could be denial.

What is the antonym of gesture?

Definition: motion as communicationAntonyms: speech

Is behavior an antonym?

If the definition of behaviour is 'appearance or pretense' then the opposite of behaviour is reality, so yes it is an antonym.

What is the antonym of emissary?

The definition of emissary is an agent sent on a mission to represent or advance the interests of another. I am unable to find an antonym.

What is the antonym for portal?

well, the definition or portal is a doorway or entrance so an antonym would be an exit and a synonym would be a doorway.

What are some words that are antonyms for concentrate?

1. definition: stronger, denser example: concentrate orange juice antonym: dilute 2. definition: focus example: concentrate on your lesson antonym: divert

What is an antonym of homemade?

"homemade" is by definition something that was created at home, in a private nonindustrial environment. An "antonym" of a word is the word which has the opposite meaning. So, the antonym of Homemade would be storebought.

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