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An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For instance, the antonym of up is down, the antonym of light is dark, the antonym of good is bad.

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What is an antonym for asthma?

It is a thing not a definition so it does not have an antonym

Quantum definition and antonym?

Definition: The smallest amount of energy that can be emitted or absorbed as electromagnetic radiation. Antonym: unfixed

What is an antonym for sarcasm?

the antonym of sarcasm is "true" the definition of antonym is- the opposite. so sarcasm is the opposite. not that hard to figure out. ^.^

Antonym and synonyms?

Antonyms are opposite definition and synonyms are the same definition.

What is the antonym for wigwam?

A wigwam, used in the literal/denotation definition, has no antonym since it is a noun.

What is antonym for channel?

Depending on the specific definition of channel, an antonym for this word could be denial.

Is behavior an antonym?

If the definition of behaviour is 'appearance or pretense' then the opposite of behaviour is reality, so yes it is an antonym.

What is the antonym of gesture?

Definition: motion as communicationAntonyms: speech

What is the antonym for portal?

well, the definition or portal is a doorway or entrance so an antonym would be an exit and a synonym would be a doorway.

What is the antonym of emissary?

The definition of emissary is an agent sent on a mission to represent or advance the interests of another. I am unable to find an antonym.

What are some words that are antonyms for concentrate?

1. definition: stronger, denser example: concentrate orange juice antonym: dilute 2. definition: focus example: concentrate on your lesson antonym: divert

What is an antonym of homemade?

"homemade" is by definition something that was created at home, in a private nonindustrial environment. An "antonym" of a word is the word which has the opposite meaning. So, the antonym of Homemade would be storebought.

What is an antonym for booklet?

Booklet is a noun and therefore has no antonym. If you are searching for am antonym I would recommend the exact opposite of the definition of a booklet, a long printed document, a book, long essay, etc..

What is the antonym of anthromorphic?

The word you're looking for is anthropomorphic, which means manlike. There is no simple antonym for this word, although "that which does not resemble a humanoid" is the opposing definition.

What is the opposite or antonym of the word exalited?

How about starting by giving us the definition of exalited?

What is the definition of antonym and example?

Well one would be day and night, oppisites.

What is an antonym for exhort?

Antonyms-Deter,Discourage,Dissuade. Definition-Urge strongly.

What is the antonym of harrowed?

Depending on which definition is being used for harrowed fallow peaceful

Type of contextual?

Antonym, Synonym, Inference and definition are the different types of contextual.

What are types of contextual?

Types of contextual includes the Antonym, Synonym, Inference and definition.

What is synonym with spot?

It depends on the definition. If its A) Spot- to see or to find. Then the Antonym is miss. If its B) Spot- stained or scarred. Then the antonym is clean, clear, spotless.

What is an antonym for the word Excel?

The antonym I use for excel is "fall behind", the closest definition I can come up with. Mrs. Ramirez, 6th grade teacher

What is a antonym of gamut?

i have looked for this answer to and i discovered that there is no antonym for this word. Definition- The entire range or series of something. so try to look for a related word of smallest range

What is the definition and synonym and antonym?

Synonyms are words alike in meaning, and antonyms are opposite in meaning.

What is an antonym of patrician?

Well historically the antonym would be plebeian, because it is the other social class of Rome. A patrician was a wealthy land owner so by definition the antonym would have to be a poor, subordinate working-class citizen.