What is the definition of attentive?


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paying attention and showing interest. like paying attention in class so you could get good grades

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Observing means attentive, watchful, and looking on. The definition of comparing is, to regard as similar or to examine in order to observe or discover similarities or differences.

Inattentive is the opposite of attentive.

it's more attentive in comparative and most attentive in superlative

attentive listening is an active process

They were an attentive audience.

"Attentively" is the adverb form of "attentive".

Scrupulous means very thorough and attentive and taking care of the details. It can also mean cautious and nervous about engaging in wrongdoing.

listen attentive, pay attentive, understand, respond

Attentive is an adjective. The noun form would be attentiveness.

Prefixes for the word attentive could be re-attentive or multiattentive or something like that, it just needs to make sense.

Attentive is divided into syllables as follows: at/ten/tive

characterized by or giving attention; observant; thoughtful: an attentive audience.

the kids were very attentive to the little boy and his friend.

A thirst for knowledge and a strong determination can help be attentive in class.

The attentive public is the sector of society that is interested in politics and understands how government works.

She was attentive, as I explained the theory of quantum mechanics.

Attentive has 3 syllables. The syllable breaks are: At-ten-tive.

The adjective vigilant means watchful, or alert and attentive to danger or trouble.An example sentence might be this one:The sentry remained vigilant throughout the night.

if your boy friend askes for space does that mean that he's attentive? are does it mean that he's not lovable?

We are attentive when there is fire because lives and properties are at stake, there is this adrenaline rush that keeps our senses more sensitive.

Students are less attentive in very hot weather. When my classrooms reached 85 to 90 degrees, no education at all took place. They might be more attentive in cold weather.

Attentive, or surreptitious.

Inattentive, distracted.

attentif (masc.), attentive (fem.). In most cases, the masculine form is ---if where the feminine form is ---ive.

The adjective sedulus, sedula, sedulum (masculine, feminine and neuter) means attentive or painstaking.The form sedulo would be the dative or ablative of the masculine or neuter form of this word, which depends entirely on the noun it describes - without the accompanying noun it makes little sense. It would be like saying (in English):with the attentive an attentive the attentive .........for an attentive ........All of these are possible, and there are more possibilities. Without the noun it is impossible to be more precise.

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