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What is the definition of discrete?

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Sentence - An apple and a stone are discrete objects.

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What is the definition of discrete manufacturing?

Discrete is something that is not continuous, or in other words. Not doing it continuous.

What is the math word definition for discrete?


What is the best definition of quanta?

It is discrete bundles of energy.

What is the definition of EDVAC?

Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer.

What does discrete function mean?

Discrete Function - A function that is defined only for a set of numbers that can be listed, such as the set of whole numbers or the set of integers. Explicit Definition - A definition of a function by a formula in terms of the variable.

What is a small discrete unit of energy called?

A small discrete unit of energy is called a quantum of energy. The definition of quantum is a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation that it represents.

What is a definition of discrete data?

data that can be counted, that does not show a change over time

What is the definition of a discrete trait?

A discrete trait is a trait which doesn't have a range of phenotypes. For example, tongue rolling is a discrete trait as an individual can either roll their tongue or not roll their tongue. There is no phenotype between these two phenotypes.

Definition of discrete structures?

Discrete structures are foundational material for computer science. By foundational we mean that relatively few computer scientists will be working primarily on discrete structures, but that many other areas of computer science require the ability to work with concepts from discrete structures. Discrete structures include important material from such areas as set theory, logic, graph theory, and combinatorics.

What is the definition of the word Digital?

A technology that uses discrete, discontinuous representations of information or works in a discontinuous manner.

Solid gas topic?

A gas by definition is NOT a solid. Gas and Solid are discrete states (phases) of matter.

What does discrete data mean in math?

The commonly used definition is that discrete data can only take integer values. However, that definition is seriously flawed because it depends on the measurement unit. For example, suppose the data refer to the number of days taken to complete a selection of tasks. The answers are clearly whole numbers. But now consider what happens if you recode the data to how many weeks. The experiment has not changed but many of the data will have become fractions! Are they no longer discrete data? A better definition is that discrete data can take only the values defined by some [ordered] set and not any of the values between members of that set.

Is the number of foggy days at an airport continuous or discrete?

Either fog occurs on a day, or it does not. Therefore it is a discrete value.

What is an example sentence with the word discrete?

Be Discrete, don't blend in. Otherwise you will love the place.

What is the homophones for discrete?

homophone for discrete: discreet

Is gender discrete or continuous variation?


Is asthma a discrete or continuous variable?


Is occupation continuous or discrete?

It is a discrete variable.

Brand of toothpaste discrete or continuous?


What is a example of discrete data?

Discrete data are observations on a variable that which take values from a discrete set.

The number of cups of coffee sold in the caferteria during lunch is it continuous or discrete?

discrete it is always discrete

How do you use the discrete in a sentence?

Please be discrete when burping

Is heart rate discrete of continuous variable?


Is the yes or no survey question discrete or continuous?

It is discrete.

Is the number of cars owned discrete or continuous?

It is discrete.

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