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What is the definition of mackintosh?

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this means a rubbery cloth

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What did Charles mackintosh invent?


What is the definition of Mac?

in the dictionary app on mac OS X, mac is defined as "a mackintosh" (kind-of silly that they misspelled "macintosh".

Is mackintosh a real name?

yes, Mackintosh is a real name. Like the Mackintosh apple or a computer and it can also be a last name. One of my friend's last name is Mackintosh.

When was Julian Mackintosh born?

Julian Mackintosh was born in 1931.

Why is mackintosh called mackintosh?

Its called macintosh after the macintosh apple

When was Stuart MacKintosh born?

Stuart MacKintosh was born in 1986.

When was Lils Mackintosh born?

Lils Mackintosh was born in 1955.

When was Chris MacKintosh born?

Chris MacKintosh was born in 1903.

When did Chris MacKintosh die?

Chris MacKintosh died in 1974.

When was David Mackintosh born?

David Mackintosh was born in 1947.

When was Iain MacKintosh born?

Iain MacKintosh was born in 1932.

When did Iain MacKintosh die?

Iain MacKintosh died in 2006.

When was Hugh Mackintosh born?

Hugh Mackintosh was born in 1870.

When did Hugh Mackintosh die?

Hugh Mackintosh died in 1936.

When was John MacKintosh born?

John MacKintosh was born in 1790.

When did John Mackintosh die?

John Mackintosh died in 1978.

When did Alexander Mackintosh die?

Alexander Mackintosh died in 1945.

What nicknames does Mackintosh Muggleton go by?

Mackintosh Muggleton goes by Mack.

What is the duration of The Mackintosh Man?

The duration of The Mackintosh Man is 1.63 hours.

When was Steven Mackintosh born?

Steven Mackintosh was born on April 30, 1967.

When was Dave Mackintosh born?

Dave Mackintosh was born on December 15, 1977.

When was Ian Mackintosh born?

Ian Mackintosh was born on 1940-07-26.

When was Jamie Mackintosh born?

Jamie Mackintosh was born on 1985-02-20.

What has the author Mrs Mackintosh written?

Mrs Mackintosh has written: 'Damascus and its people'

When was James Mackintosh born?

James Mackintosh was born on 1765-10-24.