What is the definition of override?


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"Over ride" or "override" can mean somewhat things in different contexts. Most commonly, it means to counteract the normal operation of an automatic process.


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You cannot override the jspService() method but you can override the jspInit() and jspDestroy() methods

Do not override the thermostat.

The judge will override the sentencing she received.

The President can can override congress by vetoing them.

How do you override ford transit deadlocks?

Congress can override a presidential veto

False.Any method declared as final cannot be overridden by any subclasses.You also cannot technically override a private method. While your subclass can have a method with the same definition as a private method in the superclass, it does not actually override that method.

to override a method present in super class/ interface, u can extend the class/ implement the interface and define that particular method with the same method signature and same or rarer checked exceptions. The definition of this overridden method can be specialized to achieve the specific behavior in the subclass.

Users can choose to override the default selections.

they can override any bill that the president has vetoed

By using "#undef" preprocessor we can override a defined macro.

Yes we can override instance method.

Population Override was created on 2004-03-30.

It is called an override. Specifically, it is called a Congressional override.

Hiding means a class cannot see the definition. Overriding implies that a class must see that to "override"

The 1993 Ford Ranger does not have an alarm override but. You can override the alarm system by removing the alarm system fuse.

I would have to go with 100 that the override value I use. -tech-

2/3 to override a presidential veto

Yes, to override a veto that is needed.

It takes a 2/3 vote in Congress to override the president's veto.

yes, 2/3 of the congress can override a presidential decision.

Because congress cant override a veto when it isnt in session

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