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The definition is: To be intersucculated in the socialist government. Noting and relating to the tourism in local towns and cities.

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What is the definition of impact in tourism?

This means that social, or the way of life, can be affected

What is the definition of cruise tourism?

definition of cruise tourism

Definition of hospitality and tourism management?

definition of hospiality and tourism management?

Definition of tourism planning?

planning the tourism

What is the definition of winter tourism?


What is the definition of tourism by authors?

Components of tourism

Definition of tourism by zenaida cruz?

define tourism?

What are the definition of the tourism system?

There is no one single definition of tourism system. One definition is the travel of people outside of their home location.

15 types of tourism and its definition and examples?

dark tourism

What are the social effects of tourism in antarctica?

The social effects of tourism are that the natives are constantly being disturbed because of such world wide tourism.

What is the definition of tourism in Pakistan?

definition of tourisem in pakistan

Definition of tourism according to world tourism organization?

Tourism: The business of providing services to tourists.

Definition of support industry in tourism?

Industry involved with growth of tourism.

Different advantages of all inclusive tourism?

what is the definition of all inclusive tourism

What is the definition of mid-centric tourism?

definition of mid - centric

What is the definition of tourism management?

The definition of tourism management is the act of keeping a journal and planning activities for tourists. This is what most tourist companies will do for their clients.

Definition for inbound travel?

inbound tourism

What is the definition of intangible tourism?

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What is the definition of outbound tourism?

Outbound tourism refers to residents to travel outside their home country.

What are the social impact of tourism positive?

The social impacts of tourism are socialization, investment, networking, education , intercultural and cultural promotion. by

What is the definition for sport tourism?

DEFINITION OF SPORTS TOURISM:- travel undertaken for the purpose of engaging in a particular sport such as skiing or golf, or to watch a favorite team play.

What is the definition of Tourism Service?

The definition of tourism service is the services one receives from their tourist provider. It can include things such as the airline, the hotels and entertainment establishments that they go to.

Describe the social and economic impact to travel and tourism industry in oman?

there has both impact of tourism one is positive another is negative. we can categories the impact of tourism as follow social economic environmental educational

What has the author Yves Raynouard written?

Yves Raynouard has written: 'Le tourisme social' -- subject(s): Tourism 'Le Tourisme Social' 'Tourisme social' -- subject(s): Tourism

Definition and scope of social work?

definition and scope of social work