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What is the definition of the 50's slang word Daddy-O?


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* Mid 50's to mid-60's beatnik/hipster slang. Somewhat equivalent to today's "dude" or "man" but with a much cooler zen-bohemian and/or streetwise hipster attitude.


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Here is what the Urban Dictionary says about it: daddio '50s version of what dude is now. Today it is barely known and lies almost completely forgotten amongst all the other odd words thought up, used and then thrown away and only used by weird people that can't let go. Daddio is a form of the word "Daddy".

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It seems to be Australian slang, and from the context it must mean something like "coolest of the cool" or something so rare that it's very special. The same thing as "cat's pajamas" and "bee's knees" used to mean in the 50s.

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