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The word operative is defined as functioning or having effect. An operative can also be be a skilled worker, specifically in the manufacturing industry.

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Q: What is the definition of the word operative?
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What is the definition of cooperative bank?

Co-operative banking is a retail and commercial banking organized on a co-operative basis. Co-operative banking institutions take deposits and lends money.

What is the definition of surgery?

The art and practice of treating diseases, injuries or deformities by manual or operative procedures.

Team management definition?

A system of organisation by a team, rather than by one person. - Co-operative management.

What is the prefix operative?

Oper is the prefix. There is no suffix. Able is the root word.

What does co mean in a word like co-worker or co-operative?


What is the definition of an operative employee?

Operative employees are those employees who directly produce goods and services for a business and do not supervise others' work. Operative employees can include assembly line workers, even accountants and doctors. Each has a certain skill or skills he focuses on executing for the employer. Supervisors or managers direct operative employees in their work. Dr Veer Gangwar

What is the operative term in nephroptosis?

nephr/o meaning kidney is the combining form and the operative term in the word nephroptosis which means the downward displacement of the kidney.

What is the definition of a state cooperative bank?

A co-operative bank is a type of bank that provides financial services to co-operatives and organizations that its members own. When the state runs these banks they are called state co-operative banks.

How do solar flares interfere with communication and power systems?

The operative word is 'overwhelm'.

What is french name for the word 'operative'?

It depends on what the context is. If you mean a skilled worker in an industry, then it's either "ouvrier spécialisé" or "ouvrier qualifié". If it's an adjective in a medical context, it's "opératoire". If you're talking about an operative word, it's "mot-clef". If it's operative as in "in effect", then the translation is "en vigueur".

How do you use the word hydrocephalus in a sentence?

This patient's operative hydrocephalus, for which a stent was implanted for drainage.

What is the synonym word for practical?

realistic, systematic, practicable, operative, possible, factual, useful