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What is the deletion log on WikiAnswers?

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The deletion log is a log of all questions that Advanced Supervisors have deleted from WikiAnswers.

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Any user can remove content from a page, but only admins can delete pages completely. These deletions are saved and recorded in the deletion log. You can review all deletions in the deletion log, found at Special:Log/delete.

See the related links. You can only access it if you're an advanced Supervisor.

It is a guest on WikiAnswers who did not log in

It means that the question was marked for deletion. If it was marked for deletion accidently, it will be fixed.

No, WikiAnswers does not have a log in API like Google or Facebook, so you can not use your WikiAnswers account to log on to other websites. Websites owned by may allow you to log on with a WikiAnswers account, but 3rd party websites will not. If you see a third party website asking for your WikiAnswers password, do not give it to them - they are most likely trying to scam you out of your account.

When you try to log on a message will appear telling you about your deletion.

It's more of a matter of preference. Lots of our users remain signed into WikiAnswers indefinitely whether they are currently active on the site or not. Some users prefer to log in and log out as they are available because they share a computer to access WikiAnswers. If you are on a shared computer, it would be wise to log out of WikiAnswers when you are finished. If you are the only, or maybe even primary, user of the computer you use to access WikiAnswers, it really does not matter if you log out when you are done.

You cannot "Log In" as Anonymous. Logged out users are considered Anonymous. To answer a question Anonymously, simply log out and then answer the question.

No, You cannot log on to Facebook from WikiAnswers. You can sign into WikiAnswers using your Facebook account however.

you don't have to, I didn't, you can just remain anonymous...

You look on the side of the WikiAnswers and it says sign out on a blue background.

It is currently unsolved. (i am seaqueen2343 on WikiAnswers, just didnt log in =) )

I log into WikiAnswer because I like learning new things.

No, Wikipedia and WikiAnswers are two different websites. You need to create separate accounts for both sites.

Nothing bad. WikiAnswers just waits for the next time you log on.

i have To carry out Deletion. deletion of the program was a huge mistake.

Impossible...or get someone else to do it for you. But they would have to log in!

When connecting to the site look in the top right corner. You will notice two separate options. "Log in" and "Sign up", you will select "Log in".

Logging into WikiAnswers is for those that have registered with Wikianswers with a username. Therefore, as trucker11, I had to log in so that my name will show up whenever I answer a question

Go to safari type the address of WikiAnswers. You will be on Answers mobile and all you need to do is log-in, select a category and start answering.

The whole program might face Deletion. This is one of many examples for sentence use..

There should be words that say sign out at the right top of your screen

In a binary search tree, insertion, deletion and lookup are O(log n) (i.e. fast) when balanced.With unsorted arrays, insertion and deletion are O(1) (i.e. very fast) but lookup is O(n) (i.e. slow).With sorted arrays, insertion and deletion are O(n) (i.e. slow) and lookup is O(log n) (i.e. fast).Binary search trees are good if you do all three operation (insertion, deletion, lookup) often and have enough data to justify the added burden of more complex structures and algorithms.

If you can't log into Wikianswers, you need to check to see if your user name and password is correct, if problems still occur, your account might be suspended.

Deletion is the act or process of deleting something.

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