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i dont know but i was here

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Q: What is the description of electrical energy?
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Turns chemical energy into electrical energy?

That's one description of the cells in a battery.

What unit of measuring for electrical pressure forcing electrical energy through a conductor?

A "volt" would fall under this description

Electrical energy can be produced from what?

Electrical energy can be produced from electrical potential energy. The potential energy converts to electrical energy in an electric circuit.

How can you describe electrical energy?

Electrical energy is the energy in electricity - mainly in electrical currents.

Transformation of electrical energy to sound energy?

Electrical to kinetic to electrical energy in your cells

How formed electrical energy?

Electrical energy can be formed by solar, wind or hydro energy. This energy is transformed into electrical energy.

Name two common energy conversions involving electrical energy?

electrical energy to heat energy or electrical energy into kinetic energy

Electrical energy thermal energy?

The electrical energy of thermal energy is called kinetic energy. An example of electrical energy converted to thermal energy is a toaster drawing current from an electrical outlet.

Why television is an electrical energy?

It is not. It USES electrical energy.

The conversion of electrical energy in to mechanical energy?

Motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. Generators transfer mechanical energy to electrical energy.

Which electrical device changes electrical energy into mechanical energy?

The motor changes electrical energy into mechanical (torque) energy.

Lightning is form of what kind of energy?

Electrical energy.

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