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Transparent, biconvex intraocular tissue that helps bring rays of light to a focus on the retina.
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What does the lens do in the eye?

The lens in your eye focuses light on the retina. It concentrates the light. This is one of the prerequisites for being able to see. The lens of the eye focuses the incoming light usually on a region in the back of the eye called the fovea centralis. When people are near-sighted the light is focused ( Full Answer )

How does the lens in your eye work?

the lens in your eye work by focusing the image on the retina. By : Michelle garcia .... D.O.B.... December 6 1999

What does the lens in your eye do?

It focuses the image by bending the light to strike the retina correctly. This is also called refraction. Interesting: Like a camera lens focuses light onto a piece of film with the image upside down, the image that is focused on our retina is also turned upside down. Our nerves from the eyes ( Full Answer )

What camcorders can have a fish eye lens?

All of 'em can, even if they're not built in. You'll either need another complete lens assembly or you can just go to your camera store and buy on a lens adapter to convert your existing lens to a `fish-eye'.

What does the lens in the eye do?

The lens refracts light that enters the eye via the pupil and focuses the light on the retina. Here with can be transmitted by the optic nerve to the brain.

How is the camera lens like an eye?

By Ayesha Tariq doing Optometry by COAVS Lahore, Pakistan camera lens is like an eye. lens can focus an object from far to near by its accommodative tone. Ciliary muscles contract so zonule of fibers with which lens is attached relaxe and move the anterior curvature forwad hence increase the power ( Full Answer )

Does the lens in your eye flip the image?

The image on the back of the retina is upside-down but the brain converts the image to right-side up, just like the rotation of a photo in an imaging programme.

Explain the function of the lens in the eye?

The function of the lens of our eyes: To reflect the light and then you see that the black and white sclera protecs the iris with the cornea and with the macula on the helping optic nerve.

What type of lens is the lens of your eye?

The lens in the human eye is a convex lens, but it is flexible andwhen it is acted on by the ciliary muscle around it, the lens canbe "flattened" to change the focus, or, when the muscle is relaxed,the lens can assume a more spherical shape. This is at the heart ofthe ability of the eye to focus on ( Full Answer )

Function of eye lens?

The lens, by changing shape, functions to change the focal distance of the eye so that it can focus on objects at various distances, thus allowing a sharp real image of the object of interest to be formed on the retina.

Can you lose a contact lens in your eye?

Sometimes the contact lens will just slip into the corner of your eye or fold on your eye (trust me, this has happened to me). You just need to take it off and put in on your eye again.

What job does the lens do in the eye?

i think it focuses the incoming light, so that a sharp, clear image appears on the retina. short-sightedness and long-sightedness make your vision blurry, so they must be problems with the lens. X

Which type of lens is the eye lens?

The eye lens is called the optic lens, it focuses light like a camera lens. The two are very alike. Hope that answers the question, Danielle

What does the lens do for the human eye?

the lens is a cover to protect our eyes like a book its got a cover to keep it protected the reason why we have it its because we would get diseases from dirt and all thing that blow around in the air. The main function of lens is to do refraction of light so that it can reach retina(Rod and Cone c ( Full Answer )

What do lens in the eyes do?

They focus the image on the retina of the eye so that we can see clear and exact image.

What does a lens in your eye do?

It bends light waves, focusing them onto the retina on the back of the eye, where they are then sent as impulses along the optic nerve to the brain.

What kind of lens is in a cow's eye?

The lens in a cows eye is flexible and clear. The flexible lens isable to change shape which allows it to better focus on objects.

What is the lens of an eye?

The lens of an eye is a clear convex disc that light passes through to focus on the retina in the back of the eye.

What does lens do in eye?

The lens focuses light by bending the light to make it strike the retina in the right angle

Why does your eye have a convex lens?

i don't know, i guess that's the way god made us,i mean,dosent every living creature in the world have convex eyes?but boy would it look weird if you didnt

What are good descriptive words for green eyes?

Adjectives are words that describe a noun or noun phrase. Someexamples of adjectives that could better describe green eyes wouldbe: piercing, bright, honest, mysterious, alluring.

Where is the lens in the eye?

The lens is located right behind the iris, the cornea, pupil, aqueous, conjunctiva, and the sclera. And it is in front of the vitreous.

How does the eye lens focus?

Muscles in the eye surrounding the lens contract stretching it out,flattening it; or relax, letting it thicken. These changes in shaperefocus the lens.

In the eye what does the lens do?

the eye lens bend light waves,focused them on the retina on the back of the eye, where there are then sent as impluse along the optic nerve to the brain.the eye lens focus the image on the retina of the eye so that we can see clear and exact image.it focused the image by bending the light to strike ( Full Answer )

What holds a contact lens in your eye?

Regular Contact lenses ahere to the cornea of the eye with natural eye lubrication- nothing else is required, usually. Intraocular lenses are small corrective lenses implanted behind the iris of the eye and in front of the the lens of the eye to correct myopia and hyperopia.

How does an eye lens make an adjustment?

The lens is connected to the inside of the front part of the eye by muscle fibres which form a radiating ring around it. When we wish to focus on close objects, these fibres relax, and the lens becomes more rounded and thick, allowing light rays from close objects to be focussed onto the back of the ( Full Answer )

What does the lens do to light that enters the eye?

The lens in the eye bends the light so that it's focused on the correct part of the retina. The lens needs to focus it just enough so that we have clear focus. If the lens is not doing its job correctly, people have to wear corrective lenses that bend the light enough to compensate for malfunctionin ( Full Answer )

How can you get out a contact lens that is somewhere in your eye?

umm try to find out where it is and close your eyes and and try to feel where it is and then after with your eyes still closed try to push it down . sometimes it can be in the back of your eyes. if you still can get it out you should go see your eye doctor (; Hope this heelps.

What is the power of the human eye lens?

its difficut to explain.....cz it depends on the viewing frame and center of interest........but its sure 1 human eye has at least 52 mp considering a 60 degree angel view.....but it may b times 3/4 times with the view :)

What is an eye lens?

An eye lense is the clear part of your eye that lets you see through it.

What lens is found in the eye?

The lens that is found in the eye is called the lens. The lens is a transparent structure in the eye that, along with the cornea, helps to refract light to be focused on the retina.

What does your lens do in your eye?

The lens is a little flexible bag of gel-like protein just behind your iris (the coloured part of the eye). It can change shape because around it is a doughnut-shaped muscle called the ciliary muscle. When this muscle contracts, it squeezes the lens, making it fatter. This reduces the focal length o ( Full Answer )

What is the use of lens in your eye?

The crystalline lens in human eye is indispensable to perform refraction so as to enable us to see objects clearly.

Why do you need lens in your eyes?

The lens in your eye is for 1) refracting light to the retina with the help of the cornea and 2) changing the focal length of the eye so you can see things at various distances.

Does the lens in the eye have fixed curvature?

The curvature lens of an eye is a transparent structure of eye which works to refract light to be focused on retina. The curvature adjusts according to angle and view therefore it is not fixed.

What 13 letter word means focusing by the lens of the eye?

accommodation ("Increase in optical power by the eye in order to maintain a clear image (focus) as objects are moved closer. Occurs through a process of ciliary muscle contraction and zonular relaxation that causes the elastic-like lens to "round up" and increase its optical power. Natural loss of a ( Full Answer )