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What is the difference between BSc Computer Science course and BTech computer Science course?


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B.Sc(computer science) is a simple and easy to do computer science degree. it is a 3 year graduation degree with basic science, broad and theoretical science. You don't need to have excellence in maths n science for this. To get good job opportunities, student must do after If you are comfortable with basic science and not more declined towards technical aspects of science, then is a good option. is a tough and demanding computer science degree. its a 4 year degree with technical experience(6 months of practical internship during the graduation). Student must have expertise in maths and science,good career prospects with the choice of engineering discipline + further specialization under it gives an edge to choose and follow your career goals in that segment.

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The difference between computer studies and computer science is in the aspects that they focus on. In simple form, computer studies look at the computer hardware while computer science if inclined towards the software.

Computer Science is to mechanics as Computer Application is to drivers education.

Computer science isa science which give knoweledge to us.but the computer programing is a program that we are created to operate computer.that is the difference between the computer science and computer programming.

computer science and computer engineering mostly overlap each other. The basic difference is that computer science mostly deals with computer software and computer engineering mostly deals with computer hardware.

You don't get a degree with a subject; you get a degree in a subject. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Bachelor of Computer Science are common descriptions of this degree.

Computer Science = software ECE = hardware + software + telecommunication

computer science is the theoretical study of computing and computing engineering is the specification and design of computers and computing systems.

"Computer Science" is "field of computation". "Computer technology" is the "management of computers". See the Related Link below for more information.

in my view computer science is study of making new softwares, or programming etc. on the other hand computer studies is knowledge of softwares

A computer engineer is someone who makes computers and associated things that go with them, such as printers. Computer science jobs involves codes and such.

Generally, a computer science program that emphasizes mathematics will be more theoretically rigorous. A computer science program that does not emphasize mathematics will be more pragmatically rigorous. Which is better is the subject of much debate.

bcs means bechilor of computer science and anther means by bsc is same bachilor of computer science

Computer science is the study of computers, its uses and users. Computers are objects and form the base of the study.

Computer is the physical thing while computer science is the study about computer and how it functions.

the computer scientist are more formula oriented by working more with the software and their architecture while the computer technology scientist act on a more interrelationship between the hardware and software. Bsc Computer technology is a bridge for IT and Computer science

Computer science is the understanding and development of algorithms that allow a computer to function and maintain its normal tasks. Information technology is the understanding of how information is created and distributed throughout the Internet from computer to computer.

Computer science is the study of computers (particularly software). Computer hardware is the physical parts of a computer. Hardware may include a screen, a hard drive, a mouse, a keyboard, RAM, etc. Basically, computer science is something people study, and computer hardware is what a computer is physically made out of.

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science focuses on things like programming and coding. A Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems focuses the design of computer and software systems. The latter stresses design and the former stresses implementation.

computer science is about computers while computer engerneering is the making of computers.

The difference between desktop computer and personal computer is that desktop computer is for everyone and personal computer is for your own self!

computer science is study of computers, users, and uses. statistics is a mathematical based class comparing numbers and ratios

Computer Science focuses on how the computer and computer programs work, while an Information & Technology focuses on how to make everything work together in the most efficient manner possible.

look..... computer science includes software and hardware engineering both while information technology is all about the software's.

Computer science is a body of knowledge about computers, usually related to writing programs. Computer skill is the ability to use knowledge about computers to perform specific tasks. These tasks may or may not be related to computer programming.

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