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1. Computer Science is the science of computers while Information Technology may or may not use computers. Of course there is a big overlap but in general computer science handles the technical working of computers whilst IT is concerned more with information manipulation and the business requirements

2. I think that computer science is concerned with the principles and concepts that are behind the emergence of IT. In other words, CS is academic studying of the S/W and H/W concepts but IT may have specific purposes to be studied.

3. From a very broad perspective, Computer Science is the study of the principles of computing. It helps you better understand how computers solve problems, the kinds of problems that a computer can solve and how one would present a problem to a computer. Abstract ideas that rely on fundamental mathematical theories are at the heart of Computer Science. Information Technology is the study of technology that drives Information Systems for businesses. Understanding how technology/tools can best meet the Information management needs of an organization is at the heart of IT.

4. As a computer Scientist migrated towards Information Technology I can say that a computer science is the study of computer's design and operation. But Information Technology is the use of the computer for a specific purpose without knowing the details of how the computer is carrying on all these tasks.

5. First you have to understand the differences between science, engineering & technology. Science is a systematic & specialized way of thinking.A scientist thinks & makes principles & hypothesis. Engineering means the practical implementation of principles & hypothesis for the welfare of human beings with the help of machines. At first he makes drawings on the basis of principles, and then take it to real world for use. Technology always deals with OPTIMIZATION (MAXIMUM GAIN WITH MINIMUM EFFORTS)with the help of newer supports like computers & transfer machines. We use computers as a tool. The aim of IT is to make our information more profitable by making it recently & attractive

6. Computer Science is a part of IT. Computer Scientists are generally responsible of building the tools(OS, Compiler, Database...) used in IT, where as IT technicians are responsible of using these tools to make real world applications.

7. This question is very tricky and needs to be answered very carefully. The basic difference is that information technology is about transmitting information and gathering it, whereas computer science is something related to computers and only computer, such as software. IT people can be considered more of a general management subject

8. Computer Science refers to the science or details of computers - which includes the design of software (such as compilers, Operating Systems), design of hardware (such as RAM, CPU etc), networking etc. Information Technology is the application of Computers towards organizing and efficient retrieval/reporting of information. A useful, if somewhat crude analogy could be the difference between "heat, cold, humidity, water "etc (which is like computer science) and Meteorology (which uses the information about cloud, humididy etc to predict weather)

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Q: What is the difference between CS and IT?
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