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DOS is an operating system. The DOS prompt is the command line where DOS commands can be run/executed.

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What does the term mean prompt in dos

Microsoft Windows, beginning with 3.0, had a GUI (Graphical User Interface), where MS DOS was purely a command-line prompt.

In Windows, press F8 during booting.. You will find a menu in which you will fine an option - "Safe Mode in DOS Prompt".. Enter in that menu, you will boot from DOS Prompt.. In Windows 98, you will find the "Boot from DOS prompt".. You can select that option to boot from DOS..

PROMPT command is an internal command, which is used to change the MS-DOS prompt. Through, the system displays the prompt bu default, when you start the computer.

Difference between Unix and Dos is that DOS was designed for single-user systems. Difference between Unix and Windows is that Windows works with GUI environments and Unix and DOS does not.

You know what you have to type in. (prompt tells you what to do.)

difference between ms dos and windows

you have to use the command prompt(also called the DOS prompt by older users. You can find this by going to "start" , "programs" , "accessories" and "command prompt"

simple go to command prompt and type "format c:/".

Try the TREE command at the DOS prompt

There is no DOS mode in any modern version of Windows.

command prompt is like dos , the commands are almost the same to use command prompt search in start menu

MS DOS is an Operating System, WordPad is an Application..

BIOS refers to (Basic Input Output System) it is responsible for booting of your system while DOS(Disk Operating System) is an operating system that user uses by entering commands in command prompt(to open in windows press start+r).

Microsoft word is a word processor. MS-DOS is an operating system.

MS DOS is the full Operating System whereas Windows only gives the DOS Shell..

Just remove the "MS D" that is the difference.

DOS, or MS-DOS, also known as the Command Prompt.

No. MS-DOS is a single-user operating system, thus passwords would be useless. The Windows command prompt (sometimes mistakenly called the "DOS prompt") has several command-line tools for managing user accounts.

what is the differences between a file and a folder

DOS is an operating system. CHKDSK is an application that check the hard drive for errors.

There is a big difference between DOS and Windows7,Windows 7 is new operating system and DOS is old operating system from 1980. Windows7 is multitasking and DOS is only single tasking. Windows7 is easy to learn and understand but DOS is not. Windows7 we can play games play songs watch movies but in DOS doesn't.

That's kind of phrased badly. The command prompt uses NTFS. However, if you are trying to use the old DOS interface, which looks almost identical, it's FAT. And yes, there is a difference.

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