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They never released a second Halo 1 and Halo: Combat Evolved is Halo 1. My source is Wikipedia; type in Halo 1, it will come up with Halo: Combat Evolved.

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we have decided means me already decided but we are decided means in specific time

it has been decided is a passive sentence. and it has decided is an active sentence. it has been decided means that "it" was decided by someone/something else, whether it has decide means that it decided by it self.

No, he never evolved him. There came a time when he could have evolved but Bulbasaur decided not to.

Pharoahs were considered, or decided they themselves were, gods.

Here the difference is that the dividend is a amount decided to be given to, say the shareholders, and proposed dividend is the amount has not yet been decided at the meeting , for the sareholders as yet.

The difference would be decided by the church's administration; Canons, Deacons, etc.

They were, in the past. Or at least some of them. The people who decided to place them in a separate kingdom decided that there were significant difference between bacteria and plants.

Personally I have found extremely little difference between these two brands.

no if points are equal its decided on goal difference no if points are equal its decided on goal difference

The difference between the words news and notice is that news pertains to something that is currently, or just happened. Notice is information about something that has already happened, or been decided.

it took me a while but after i have took this into consideration, i have decided that the difference between ten thousand and fifteen thousand is: five thousand

Yet to decided, occurring to the current world and its political, economical, and physical situsation.

Example Sentences are the order of the day: "Dinie Slothouber had decided to move on from Mitch Longley... but then she thought better of it." "Dinie Slothouber has decided to keep trying with her beloved, Mitch Longley". "Echelon Towers had decided to disallow the men from visiting Carol Schultz, then changed their minds". "Echelon Towers has decided that Jim may still visit Carol Schultz".

Nothing! The us decided to have different generic name on salbutomol to make life difficult. They are the same drug.

destiny it dat which we already decided nd other thing is when we work on it 2 reach our destiny is destination.........

The difference between Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan is that they are both different companies. In 1933 the government decided that retail and investments had to be separate so one of the Morgan family founded Morgan Stanley.

The difference is that in the first book, Stephanie Meyer was going to kill Edward but then in the revised edition she decided to make love to him. Sweet, sweet love.

There really is'nt one. It's the way the different translators decided to spell her name romanized.

morality is the interest in the difference of good and evil, good conduct and bad conduct, motivations based on the idea of good. Morals, early on were decided upon by a given society as to what is good and what is bad for the society and these evolved into laws that governed that society.

Dhanush and Aishwarya have 2-3 years difference. Once rumors started floating around about them, their parents decided to get them married. They couple does not mind the age difference, and now have two beautiful baby boys.

There is no difference. For a while, Wikianswers was the main display site. However, Answers decided to bring it all under the brand, since it is all content.

Inheritance is what you get if someone who dies has decided that you should have some of his/her belongings. Earnings are typically your salary, the pay you get for having done some work.

decided, resolved, determined

no the creator decided not to make another map

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