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To put it very generically, Linux is an operating system kernel, and UNIX is a certification for operating systems. The UNIX standard evolved from the original Unix system developed at Bell Labs. After Unix System V, it ceased to be developed as a single operating system, and was instead developed by various competing companies, such as Solaris (from Sun Microsystems), AIX (from IBM), HP-UX (from Hewlett-Packard), and IRIX (from Silicon Graphics). UNIX is a specification for baseline interoperability between these systems, even though there are many major architectural differences between them. Linux has never been certified as being a version of UNIX, so it is described as being "Unix-like." A comprehensive list of differences between Linux and "UNIX" isn't possible, because there are several completely different "UNIX" systems.

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What is the difference between Windows Unix and Linux?

what are similarities and differences between linux and unix?

What is the different between Linux and Unix?

Linux is Unix-like (in the sense that Unix inspired the Linux kernel), but Linux is not Unix (as Unix wasn't open-source or free in both aspects).

What is diffrance between Linux and unix?

The short answer is that Unix is an open source operating system, and Linux is a modified Unix that was modified by Linus Torvalds (combining Linus and Unix, or Linux)

What is the difference between unix operating system and Linux operating system?

Linux is a Unix-like system. This means that it is inspired or influenced by Unix in some shape or form (Linux started off from Minix), but it is not directly derived from Unix. However, BSD is based on Unix, and macOS is indirectly Unix-based because of its mixed heritage with BSD.

What is the difference between ubuntu and Linux?

Linux is the name of a Unix-like operating system kernel. Ubuntu is an operating system that uses the Linux kernel.

What is the difference between the working of C in Unix and C in Linux?

There is very little difference in the C compiler between Unix and Linux; in some cases (the gcc compiler) it is the same. The differences come in when using system calls; some system calls do not exist in Unix or Linux, although most do. The program I work on compiles the same way (for the most part) between all commercial versions of Unix and several variants of Linux. In other words, the code is fairly portable across platforms.

Is UNIX based on Linux?

No, but Linux is based on Unix since Linux is a Unix clone.

What is the difference between a Linux administrator and a Unix administrator?

Not much difference at all; Administrative tasks in different Unix systems can be done in different ways as well. Linux systems are the same way. In general, the tasks are done in a similar fashion in both Linux and Unix, including the types of tasks an administrator would perform in either.

What is the name of operating system in Unix and Linux?

"Unix" and "Linux."

Which operating system is developed first unix or Linux?

Unix was first; Linux is a clone of Unix.

What are the difference between unix operating system and Linux operating system?

Unix itself has long since ceased being an operating system and more become a standard and a certification for one. Certified Unix systems can be somewhat different so long as they comply with the Single Unix Specification. Examples include AIX, Mac OS X, and BSD. Many "authentic" Unix systems don't have any actual descent from the original Unix code. Primarily the System V-based Unix systems have the most code in common.Linux is not a certified Unix system, and remains an operating system in its own right, as opposed to a standard and a certification.Primarily, the difference between a certified Unix system and Linux is in compliance. Linux is for the most part very close to an actual Unix system, but it is still not a full Unix system, as the userspace can and does change to wide degrees and doesn't always provide a full "Unix" style setup. No Linux distribution has been Unix certified either.

Is unix and Linux an open system?

Linux is an open system, Unix is not.

Which is an os in between unix and Linux?

It's a meaningless phrase.

Difference between Unix and Windows and DOS?

Difference between Unix and Dos is that DOS was designed for single-user systems. Difference between Unix and Windows is that Windows works with GUI environments and Unix and DOS does not.

How are unix and Linux related?

Linux is a clone based on the environment and look and feel of Unix. In this way, Unix was used as the model and Linux looks like it based on the Unix features and methodology.

Mandriva is Linux or unix?


What is the one that does not belong between Linux Unix Solaris and D SQL sever?

The Odd OneLINUX, UNIX, SOLARIS are the UNIX based operating system.SQL SERVER is a database system from IBM.

What is the abbreviation for Linux?

There is no abbreviation for Linux. The Linux name comes from Linus Torvalds(Linux Creator) and UNIX Linux is a Free UNIX like system so it is hence called LINUX.

What is the difference between Os and unix?

No difference, really. Unix is an OS (Operating System)

Is any virus attack to Linux or Unix?

Linux and Unix do have their share of malware, though there are fewer of them.

What is the relationship between C programming and Linux?

C is the basis of Unix, upon which Linux is at least in part based.

Does Linux use the kernel of Unix?

No, it is unix-based but Linux is a kernel not an operating system.Ubuntu,Linux Mint,Debian,and puppy Linux,ect. are OS's that use the Linux kernel.

Is UNIX is a robust operating system that is a good training tool for Linux?

No, Linux IS Unix, so the question makes no sense. Unix is a general term for a class of operating systems. Linux is also a term applied to more than one operating system variant, but all Linux OS are Unix OS. Redhat is one type of Linux. BSD is a type of Unix that is not Linux.

Why does Linux and unix share more commands than windows xp and unix?

Because Linux evolved from UNIX, but Windows evolved from DOS.

How is unix is deffrent from other oprating system?

Unix is similar to a command line Linux operating system; the main difference is that there is usually no GUI interface, and all operations are performed by a unique set of commands. Unix varies between versions, but the most common version for business is SCO Unix.