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What is the difference between MPhil and Ph.D?


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MPhil Masters degree, PhD Doctorate

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PhD - Doctor of Philosophy

MA is master of arts, which you have to do after completing your UG. MPhil comes next in the step which means Master of philosophy.

No, There is no need to have a Mphil degree to go for a Phd. Both are research course of different time duration. For a Phd you only need to have a Master Degree in the concerned subject with 55% marks in your Post-graduation.

I Dont think there is any difference between PHD and Doctorate. A person who has acquired a PHD or Doctorate could be called as a Doctor....

First you have to enroll yourself in MPhil program, after completing your Mphil program you will become eligible for enrolling in to Phd program.

i want to join in phd in phiolosophy.i am ama mphil and phd discontinued candidate .am i eligible to phd on lateral entry basis pl mail.

For thesis first you have to earn the Mphil degree. Without the Mphil degree or certification you cannot enrolled in to Phd program.

phd is a degree in research which a candidate can pursue after postgratution whereas dlit can be done after phd. it is a post phd degree.

it is upto you to do PhD after M.phil as It may take a long time,But by clearing NET conducted by CSIR/GATE you can do PhD in 3-4 years which exceeds if you are doing PhD after M.phil

you do bcs in z00l0gy than msc than mphil than phd

The MPhil is a less advanced qualification than the PhD in which the student is expected to master a content area and can be completed in two years' full-time study. It is often used as a training course in advanced research work, and can be a preliminary stage for the PhD.

hai iam completed my MPhil vinayaka mission universtiy at selam now i want to know that if this course is recognised by any university in kerala because iwant to know that if the ANSWER is no iwant to do my PHd in other universyt please help me to do the conecxtion of PHd

All universities, deemed universities and institutions of national importance are banned to offer a course in research i.e. MPhil and PhD, states the Regulation passed by the UGC. It is equally applicable to IGNOU and the other Open Universities. They can offer only regular MPhil / PhD courses. IGNOU had already started some regular UG /PG courses and may consider to start research courses also.

Typically, an MD can administer drug therapy were a PhD cannot.

A PhD is a doctor of philosophy from which many specific programs of study fall.

An MPhil degree is in between a masters and an Ph.D. It is basically a degree that is given to those who are involved in some kind of advanced research.

Professional degrees refer to degrees such as medical doctors, lawyers, etc.

A street degree will keep you out of trouble. A PHD degree will buy you a new car.

The PhD is a level of degree category from which many specific programs of study fall. Typically, a doctorate in science is a PhD category and the highest level of educational attainment.

I have passed my mphil exams may 2009 will you tell, mphil is eligible for lecturership?

The main difference is the degrees each holds. The college instructor only needs a master's degree while the university requires a PhD.

Undergraduates are working toward their first degree (Bachelors). Graduate students are working toward their second (Masters, PhD).

Dr PH is a doctorate in Public Health.A PhD is a 'Doctor of Philosophy' which could be in any of a number of fields.

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