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What is the difference between Mac Vs Windows computers?

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There are thousands of differences between mac and windows operating systems. To try and explain everything would take me all day and a books worth of typing. I can however explain the primary differences. First Windows is based upon a DOS programming language (think of it as the foundation for the operating system); Mac is based upon unix programming language, (linux is also based upon unix as well.) Macintosh is often more secure than windows due to less attempts at hacking because the majority of computer users use Windows. Macs tend to focus on graphics and multimedia while Windows focuses on office function. I would say it would be easier for you visit the individual websites and decide for yourself.

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What is the difference between Mac computers and Windows?

The file structure is the biggest difference. The Mac is designed more for graphic intense/design programs.

What is the color difference between Mac Vs Windows computers?

not much both grey or black

What is the difference between a MAC and Windows computer?

i do

Why virus does not affect Mac computers?

Computer viruses do attack Mac computers. The biggest difference is that there are so many more Windows computers that most computer criminals write their virus to attack the Windows operating system.

What is the difference between a laptop and a mac computer?

None. Mac computers include laptops, and desktop computers. They are made by Apple Inc. They also make the iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc. If your asking the difference between Windows computers and Macs then the only difference is who makes them and the Operating Systems they use. They have similar hardware inside of them but completely different Operating Systems.

Is internet explorer for mac the same as windows?

"No. Apple mac computers use Safari, and Firefox. Firefox is the same for Windows and Mac. I think that Internet Explorer was created for computers that use Windows only."

What are the difference between windows and Mac?

Windows and Mac called Operating system, but the difference between them is: Windows: is the operating system for Microsoft products Mac: is the operating system for Apple products Windows kinds: first: Windows 95 second: Windows 98 Third: Windows me forth: Windows NT Fifth: Windows 2000 Sixth: windows XP Seventh: Windows Vista Eighth: Windows 7 and the last one : Windows 8 Mac kinds: i don't know :)

Does mac computers use Windows 7?

Mac computers are supplied with MacOS; it is possible to install Windows 7 on a Mac using a system called boot camp, but you would have to buy the Windows 7 separately.

How do you change windows back to Mac?

I don't quite get what you mean...but windows microsoft and mac are different computers!

How do you add windows computers to Mac computers?

If you mean adding a windows OS to your mac, then you have to buy the one that you want that are usually a couple hundred dollars, then go to bootcamp on your mac and install it on there.

Is Windows software compatible with Apple computers?

Windows software is compatible with Apple Computers, but you must have Windows installed on your Mac to do so. If you have a Mac made after 2006, you are able to install Windows on your computer, and you can use a virtualization software such as Parallels Desktop to run Windows from your Mac.

Is it harder to play Minecraft on Mac OS X than on Windows?

There is no difference in game play between any Mac game and a Windows game.

What is the different between mac n windows?

Mac is a type of computer, and Windows is an operating system that is run on computers. Mac is a line of desktop and notebook computers designed and sold by Apple Inc. Windows is an operating system that is designed and sold by the software manufacturer Microsoft. Macintosh computers primarily run an operating system designed by Apple called OS X. Many different types of computers sold by different companies run Windows.

Does the new MAC computers really beat the windows based laptops?

Macintoshes are based on the same hardware as Windows computers, the only difference being the software. It depends on what you like as to which one would be better for you.

What are some major differences when comparing Windows vs Mac?

There are several differences between Windows and Mac, the main difference being as the operating systems. Similarly, the control key in Windows corresponds to the command key on a Mac.

What were the names of the first three electronic computers?

mac,windows xp,windows vista. ! these are the first 3 eletronic computers

Can a computer have both mac and windows os?

Apple's Mac computers can run Mac OS X and Windows (and Linux if required) but the licensing agreement for Mac OS X prevents it being legally installed on computers that are not made by Apple.

What is the difference between MacOS X and Windows?

One of them is that Mac OS X is made by Apple and Windows is made by Microsoft.

Does windows computer viruses work on mac computers?

No. Mac computers are more secure, and have a very difficult code for the computer. There are only a few mac viruses.

Where can someone download Windows Live Messenger for Mac computers?

Windows Live Messenger is now available for Mac computers. One can download this application on CNET and directly on the MSN Messenger by Windows Live site.

Is there QQ game for Mac?

No, QQ Games is only for Windows computers. They haven't made a version that can be used on Mac computers yet.

Is there a Mac version of Fiesta?

The game Fiesta will only work with computers running the Windows operating system. Unless the Mac is running Windows it will not work with the Mac.

Why Photoshop is faster on Mac OS?

From what I know that was in the past, nowadays there is no big differences. Main difference is because Mac computers are more expensive and you can not compare Mac which costs 2000$ with Windows computer which costs 500$.

What's the deference between mac android and windows system and witch system is butter?

The difference between a MAC, Android, and Windows system depends upon the phone you have. The systems that is better depends upon what you like.

What windows computers can do Microsoft word?

Most Windows computers can run Microsoft Word as long as you have a compatible version. All modern Windows computers are able to run it. All Mac computers can run Microsoft Word as long as you have the Mac version of Office installed or you have the free Libre Office installed.